Cover peak loads, save fuel.

Same power with less fuel and CO2 emissions.

A hydraulic hybrid drive stores braking energy, which can be released flexibly during peak loads. The Diesel engine covers the base load and runs with maximum efficiency. Up to 20% lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions with the same performance. BOMAG uses this hybrid technology in the BW 174 AP tandem roller.

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Hydraulic hybrid: Using braking energy.

A hydraulic hybrid drive makes sense wherever braking and acceleration are frequent. This drive type makes sure that energy is not lost when the vibration drive is shut down. Instead, an axial piston pump converts the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy.
The energy is stored hydraulically and can be released again as required. Tandem rollers are particularly suitable for continuous forward and backward rolling due to the hydraulic hybrid drive.

Save fuel, protect the environment.

The BW 174 AP tandem roller with a hydraulic hybrid drive consisting of a diesel engine and hydraulic accumulator saves 20% fuel compared to a roller without hybrid technology.
A 20% saving in diesel fuel means 20% less harmful CO2 emissions for the environment.

Vibration start with hybrid energy and ASPHALT MANAGER.

In addition to starting, another peak load in tandem rolling is the vibrating start of the rollers.
Here too, energy is drawn from the hydraulic accumulator. The BOMAG ASPHALT MANAGER, which is integrated into the hybrid system, controls the entire vibration process and saves energy, particularly during vibration start, because it is the only system that continuously regulates the vibration force.

And you can save fuel up to 20%.

Our construction machines with hybrid technology use braking energy. With each change of direction, it is stored and released again when starting up.


The right technology for your application.

Every job is different: Even for experienced users, every construction site poses a new challenge. Our experts are happy to advise you on the right machine and the optimum technology so that your project comes to a successful conclusion. Arrange for a consultation now.