Shaping the present and the future today. Electric construction machinery from BOMAG.

We're ready. Low-emission electric construction machinery from BOMAG.

"One of the construction machine industry's main goals is to enable particularly eco-friendly working and driving in the near future. Battery-electric drives are at the heart of this development because construction machinery on job sites needs to become even more sustainable with less impact on the environment, climate and health for a better quality of work and life."

When it comes to performance, our battery-electric construction machines are on a par with their comparable conventionally powered counterparts. They are every bit as powerful.

And as always with BOMAG, they are characterised by their excellent handling, robust design and outstanding ease of use. Just flip the switch and off you go!

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BOMAG knows what professionals need:

machines that are reliable and particularly durable in tough everyday working conditions. Then they're worth buying. With battery-powered construction machines, no one has to compromise any longer on outstanding quality.
In developing our e-PERFORMANCE machines, we combine sophisticated technology with clever future-oriented solutions and ample power.

BOMAG's familiar performance is now also available in rechargeable versions.

Loading and charging cycles are decisive factors when using electric construction machines. The available power needs to be used very carefully yet still achieve the same performance as a fuel-powered machine. Here, BOMAG relies on modern technologies that have proven themselves in everyday use. Here, BOMAG relies on modern, robust, durable and efficient technologies that have proven themselves in everyday use. The batteries can also be recharged or exchanged very quickly.

Benefit from maximum flexibility.

Our electric vibratory plates and BOMAG battery-powered tampers can be supplied with the same battery packs. The battery capacity is perfectly sufficient for an average working day.
The built-in batteries of the light electric tandem rollers can be charged with 230 V or 400 V.
Charging cables and quick chargers are available directly from BOMAG.

Our answer to ever-stricter emission limits.

The awarding of contracts is often linked to very strict requirements for noise pollution and emissions. In such cases, only particularly quiet and exhaust-free machines may be used: for example, in residential areas, buildings or tunnels. In many cases, the limit values can only be met by the use of electric construction machinery.

BOMAG has the machines. The choice is yours.

Battery-electric machines are an important and positive step in the construction industry towards sustainability. Highly efficient electric motors provide the necessary torque for the drive and are at the same time particularly low-maintenance.
Their use can significantly reduce service and operating costs. They save resources and make the construction site fit for the future.

Whoever saves only 1 litre of petrol per working day with the construction machine,...

reduces CO2 emissions by more than half a tonne over the entire year. And from that, you could then travel almost 10,000 kilometres on public transport or search something on the Internet 52,000 times, or drink 8,800 cups of coffee, or send 130,000 emails or... (Calculation basis: www.konstruktion-entwicklung.de, www.helmholtz.de, 225 working days)

Construction machinery for the construction sites of the future.

Our electric construction machines deliver the full BOMAG performance and are a response to ever-stricter emission limits.


Green technologies not only protect the operator and the environment, they save money, too. The focus of our activities is on the protection of machine operators, local residents and the environment.

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