Cutting running costs is easy with BOMAG technology.

The key to minimal operating costs.

Fuel use is one of the largest items when calculating a construction machine's operating costs. These costs can be reduced considerably with our ECOMODE and ECOSTOP technology packages.

With ECOMODE technology alone, fuel savings of up to 30% can be achieved, as ECOMODE keeps the engines running in the optimum RPM range at all times. After five to fifteen minutes of idling (adjustable), ECOSTOP automatically switches off the construction machine's engine. This also reduces fuel consumption and lowers operating costs.

And not only fuel usage but also noise emissions. At the same time, BOMAG ECOMODE and BOMAG ECOSTOP contribute to an even longer service life for all drive components.

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The key to lower consumption.

The higher the efficiency of a motor, the more economical it is. The engine speed plays an important role here. It should not be higher than required for the respective performance.

The intelligent ECOMODE control system keeps the engines in the optimum speed range – without compromising performance. A factor that reduces the machine's fuel consumption by up to 30%.

ECOMODE: only as much engine speed as really necessary.

Conventional rollers work continuously at maximum speed in order to reach the vibration frequency. In contrast, ECOMODE regulates the roller motor load-dependently: the hydraulic components are adjusted infinitely variably, which keeps the vibration frequency constant. The drive motor operates in the optimum range and at precisely the maximum RPM required.

For significantly less noise pollution on the job site.

Noise is one of the most harmful emissions. This is especially the case in urban areas – for residents, but also for drivers and operators. BOMAG machines are designed to work with an extremely low noise level. ECOMODE speed control and ECOSTOP automatic shutdown systematically reduce noise levels even further.

ECOMODE and ECOSTOP can significantly reduce the construction machine's operating costs. For example:

a conventional tandem roller in the 10-ton class consumes up to 76 litres of diesel on average in an 8-hour workday. However, intelligent engine management can considerably reduce these operating costs.

Over the course of a year (~140 working days from April to October), with a diesel price of 1.50 euros/litre, the potential savings when using a comparable roller with ECOMODE/ECOSTOP can be up to 3,136 euros. (Calculation: BOMAG)

Less fuel consumption and still full power.

Our machines with the intelligent engine control system ECOMODE/ ECOSTOP can reduce daily fuel consumption by up to 30%.


The right technology for your application.

Every job is different: Even for experienced users, every construction site poses a new challenge. Our experts are happy to advise you on the right machine and the optimum technology so that your project comes to a successful conclusion. Arrange for a consultation now.