TanGo: Advantages of Oscillation.

The technnology for sensitive rolling: TanGO

TanGO (tangential oscillation) compacts risk-free e.g. on seams (hot to cold), on bridges or near buildings. And even better, TanGO is simple to operate: it comes with only one amplitude, which is optimised for all applications. BOMAG tandem rollers with TanGO always compact with care. The drum cannot bounce, because TanGO always works obliquely to the surface. This has two advantages: on one hand there is no crushing of aggregate; on the other hand no bow waves are created, even when working at higher working speeds. The TanGO drum is in the rear of the machine, so the front vibrating drum can be used for thicker layers or stiffer mixes. TanGO compaction uses two exciter shafts rotating in the same direction, so that a torque is generated around the drum axis. The drum quickly keeps alternating its effective direction tangentially to the contact surface (forwards and backwards). The mat is actually compacted with double frequency.

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So simple. So efficient.

In TanGO compaction with two exciter shafts rotating in the same directioin, torque is generated around the drum axis. The drum quickly keeps alternating its effective direction tangentially to its contact surface ( forward and backwards). This means the surface is practically compacted with double frequency. TanGO offers a longer rolling time window than standard machines. Dynamic compaction can also be carried out on cooler asphalt, because no aggregate is crushed.

A special type of oscillation.

TanGO steht für Tangential-Oszillation. Anders als bei herkömmlichen Oszillations-Walzen sind die Unwuchten bei TanGO weit außen, also tangential zum Umfang angeordnet. Durch die größere Hebelwirkung können die Unwuchtmassen geringer ausfallen. Dieses clevere Ausnutzen der Physik führt dazu, dass TanGO mit erheblich weniger Antriebsleistung auskommt als herkömmliche Oszillations-Systeme. Ein umfangreicher Feldversuch hat bestätigt: TanGO verbraucht im Schnitt 1,1 l/h weniger Kraftstoff als andere Oszillations-Walzen.

With the technology for special tasks.

Our rollers with TanGO compact especially gentle. They are ideally suited for working on bridges, near buildings or even on seams.


The right technology for your application.

Every job is different: Even for experienced users, every construction site poses a new challenge. Our experts are happy to advise you on the right machine and the optimum technology so your project comes to a successful conclusion. Arrange a consultation now.