Rendering fine particulate matter harmless.

Clumped fine particulate matter becomes harmless coarse dust.

The ION DUST SHIELD was specially developed for cold milling machines. In addition to visible dust, a considerable amount of particulate matter is also produced when removing an asphalt surface. The ION DUST SHIELD binds the fine particulate matter by electrically charging the particles. The particles clump permanently to harmless coarse dust and can be easily removed. This leads to a reduction in particulate matter of over 80% - as confirmed by the IGF Institute for Hazardous Substances Research at the Ruhr University. Demonstrably cleaner air for personnel, residents and passers-by.

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Clean technology.

The technology employed is a positive ionisation filter. The fine and medium-fine dust particles are charged positively while still on the conveyor belt in the cold milling machine and are subsequently attracted by a negatively charged ionisation filter. This process causes the particles to clump together to form visible coarse dust that is too large to penetrate into the lung tissue. It is simply removed together with the rest of the milled material.

Excellent innovation.

The ION DUST SHIELD received the silver medal in the category “Innovation Awards” at Bauma 2019. This innovation almost completely eliminates fine particulate matter by converting it into harmless coarse dust. A legally required extraction system, in contrast, does not remove the particulate matter, but merely transports it out of the direct vicinity of the operating personnel and releases it into the environment. BOMAG is the only manufacturer to offer this technology, which protects both the operator and the environment.

Responsibility for the environment and residents.

The technical process of cold milling old road surfaces produces an enormous amount of emissions. This includes noise, dust and also invisible particulate matter. Renewing road surfaces is always a heavy burden for people living nearby and passers-by, especially in cities and residential areas. With the ION DUST SHIELD, the most dangerous of these emissions, namely particulate matter, is reduced by over 80%, for both residents and the environment. A sustainable contribution to health.

Scientifically proven.

Scientific tests conducted by the IGF Institute for Research on Hazardous Substances at the Ruhr University in Bochum have confirmed that using ION DUST SHIELD technology on a cold milling machine reduces particulate matter emissions by more than 80% compared to using a cold milling machine without this technology.


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