Smart helper on construction sites

Compaction performance: digital, transparent and in real time.

With BOMAP you can document the work results of your soil and asphalt compaction on the construction site in real time. Intuitively operable, it documents the passes on all makes of rollers. This leads to optimum results with maximum efficiency and substantial savings.

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BOMAP is available for Android Smartphones und Tablets.

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Smart helper on construction sites.

Thanks to continuous documentation and visualisation, drivers never make one pass too many or too few. This saves fuel and working time. Machine wear is reduced. The environment also benefits from BOMAP: Fewer passes mean lower CO2 emissions.

Into the depths intuitively.

Simple, intuitive operability is the top priority. BOMAP displays live maps of the construction site. An easy-to-read colour scale marks the compaction progress in real time and gives the driver clear instructions on what needs to be done and where. BOMAP can be configured to meet the requirements of earthwork and asphalt paving. The colour scale display can be adapted to any construction site.

As precisely as is required.

BOMAP uses the mobile device’s internal GPS to determine the position. This provides you with your first good results and allows you to gain experience with the system as well as record and document smaller projects. Does your construction project require high-precision positioning? The optional wireless GPS antenna achieves GPS positioning down to 20 cm and guarantees precise results on all construction sites. For maximum precision, the antenna can be equipped with our correction service. This provides accuracy down to < 5 cm.

Comprehensive functions, pioneeringly intuitive.

The optional open interface BOMAG JOBLINK enables contractors to carry out further analyses. When using JOBLINK, the scope of documentation with BOMAG machines becomes even more precise. BOMAP enables access to all process-related data, such as:

  • EVIB value
  • Frequency
  • Amplitude
  • Temperature (for asphalt rollers)
  • Travel speed
  • Direction of travel

Third-party machines in the fleet also interconnect and help to generate a compaction record across the entire construction site.

And how does it work?

We have developed BOMAP as a free app with maximum compatibility. The app is available in the Google Play Store. BOMAP runs on all regular Android tablets and smartphones, so no special hardware is required. The system requirement is Android 7.0 or higher. For best performance, we recommend a screen size of at least 9 inches and a mobile phone connection.


The right technology for your application.

Every job is different: Even for experienced users, every construction site poses a new challenge. Our experts are happy to advise you on the right machine and the optimum technology so that your project comes to a successful conclusion. Arrange for a consultation now.