Professional compaction can be measured.

BOMAG ECONOMIZER: Seeing compaction in a new light.

The ECONOMIZER shows the operator the increase of compaction on a display, helping to achieve the best compaction results. Operation is very simple because no set-up or calibration is required. The ECONOMIZER automatically determines the compaction progress. A light strip indicates the end of compaction to the driver to avoid overcompaction. A warning lamp also lets you know when there is a risk of overcompaction.

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Minimal passes with maximum compaction.

To determine the end of the compaction process, it is necessary to exactly define the required level of compaction. As nobody these days has the time or money to spend on unnecessary passes, BOMAG, as a pioneer in measuring systems for compaction technology, has developed the ECONOMIZER to help achieve optimal compaction results while saving time and money.

No unnecessary passes.

The BOMAG ECONOMIZER shows the compaction status on a display, enabling the operator to achieve optimum compaction results. It is very easy to use because no activation or calibration is required. The ECONOMIZER automatically determines the compaction progress. A light strip shows the operator when the process is finished to avoid over-compaction. A warning light gives advance notice if there is a risk of overcompaction.

Economic compaction.

The ECONOMIZER saves time, money and fuel. Avoiding unnecessary passes, reduces wear and tear and ensures stress-free and flexible on-site work.

Easy and safe operation.

The ECONOMIZER does not need to be powered-up or calibrated separately. It starts automatically with the vibration and shows compaction progress and status on the display. On models from the BW 141 upwards, it also shows the optimum speed. Once the maximum level of compaction has been achieved, the number of LEDs in the display ceases to increase saving time and money. A warning light also appears when there is a risk of over-compaction or when the plate or drum starts to bounce, enabling the operator to halt procedures.

Efficient compaction is not just a question of size.

This way the BOMAG ECONOMIZER saves time and fuel, locates weak spots and so reduces the risk of remedial work.


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