Makes professional compaction measurable on the construction site.

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ECONOMIZER. The technology that makes the compaction process faster and easier.

A professional foundation is essential on building sites as well as in road and pipeline construction. Under or over-compaction must be avoided at all costs. The quality of soil compaction has to be just right.

BOMAG ECONOMIZER makes it possible to continuously measure the quality of soil compaction at all points. The system identifies areas that have already been compacted optimally and weak points in the subsoil. The roller driver or vibratory plate operator can see the current compaction progress at all times and knows exactly what needs to be done and where.

With BOMAG ECONOMIZER, the number of passes can be reduced by up to 25%. The work effort required for soil compaction remains low. The productivity of the entire construction site is in no way jeopardised.

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ECONOMIZER detects the optimum compaction quality.

The rising number of illuminated LEDs indicates increasing compaction to the machine operator. Optimum compaction quality has been reached once the number of illuminated LED lamps in the display stops increasing. Unnecessary passes and, equally important, the risk of over-compaction can be avoided. A roller or vibratory plate with ECONOMIZER saves time and money while improving the quality of work.

ECONOMIZER simply makes soil compaction easier.

The system neither needs to be calibrated nor activated. After starting the engine, it's ready for use as soon as the machine reaches the working frequency. An LED indicator lets the operator know immediately when to stop compaction of the subsoil. A red LED warns in good time when there is a risk of over-compaction - even before the plate or drum jumps noticeably.

How ECONOMIZER compaction control works.

The system uses the interaction between the dynamic stiffness of the soil and the acceleration of the exciter installed in the roller or vibratory plate. The subsoil stiffness rises as compaction increases. Then the value of the reactive acceleration also increases. This value is measured and recorded by a sensor located on the exciter, then analysed and finally visualised on the LED display.

ECONOMIZER makes the compaction process even more economical.

The system enables both optimal soil compaction and minimal work effort. Only when you know the optimum compaction quality has been reached can you decide when the compaction work is finished. Because no-one can afford unnecessary passes. With ECONOMIZER, the number of passes can be reduced by up to 25%. This saves valuable time as well as reducing fuel consumption and machine wear.

ECONOMIZER saves time and money.

The estimated compaction time for a 500 m sewer construction site with a trench depth of 2 m above the installed pipe is approx. 24 hours. Only limited work can be done in the trench during this time. Depending on the material installed, however, optimum compaction can be achieved much sooner than after the normally specified 8 to 10 passes. When exactly? ECONOMIZER can tell. In our example, the compaction time was reduced by up to 8 hours.

ECONOMIZER increases quality and productivity on the construction site.

Even if the subsoil cannot be further compacted by repeated passes (for example, if the water content is too high), the machine operator sees this immediately: the number of illuminated LEDs stops increasing. And weak points in the backfill can also be detected early in the compaction process. Such a fault can then usually be fixed much more cheaply.

For us, efficient compaction is not a question of size.

Our machines with ECONOMIZER save time and fuel. They identify weak spots and reduce the risk of rework.

I learnt that my achievements are not only defined by me or my machine. Furthermore insights about technology and it's usage gained a lot of additional efficiency! Construction plant operator (STRABAG AG)


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