Automatically controlled compaction.

ASPHALT MANAGER: compacting better and faster with BOMAG technology.

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Simply compact asphalt faster, smarter and more gently.

Thanks to ASPHALT MANAGER and infinitely variable amplitude, BOMAG road rollers can work more powerfully and gently than conventional systems in asphalt construction. They achieve the best possible performance with maximum flexibility.

The operator only needs to select the layer to be compacted – the tandem roller takes care of the rest. The amplitude continuously adapts to the compaction already achieved, avoiding bouncing (jump operation) and over-compaction.

And with the integrated measurement of the EVIB compaction value, the driver is always up to date on compaction progress.

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The amplitude self-adjusts accordingly.

Conventional systems work with several preset amplitudes. ASPHALT MANAGER, however, continuously and automatically adjusts the compaction performance to the conditions thanks to its infinitely variable amplitude.

Essential data for orientation and seamless compaction control (SCDCC), such as asphalt temperature, current effective amplitude and the EVIB value in MN/m² are shown on the display.

ASPHALT MANAGER: how it works.

ASPHALT MANAGER works with the proven directed vibrator system. Compaction forces are regulated on the basis of the degree of compaction already achieved.

ASPHALT MANAGER calculates a control curve according to the selected layer or defined target value. It also performs a constant target/actual comparison. The forces are progressively reduced as the measured compaction value approaches the target value. The result: optimum asphalt compaction. And sudden bouncing is prevented.

For greater quality in asphalt construction.

ASPHALT MANAGER minimises the risk of asphalt over-compaction or subsequent aggregate crushing. A road's required quality characteristics can be achieved particularly quickly and efficiently. Only the really necessary number of passes must be made.

At the same time, the direction-dependent control of the directed vibrator reduces the formation of "bow waves" as the material is actively pulled under the drum. A factor that further enhances paving quality, especially the evenness.

BOMAG asphalt rollers equipped with ASPHALT MANAGER achieve the fastest possible compaction progress, especially on materials that are difficult to compact. This makes them extremely economical and efficient in operation. What's more, a roller with ASPHALT MANAGER is ideally suited for compacting low-temperature asphalt.

Operation? A breeze!

The self-explanatory animations and visualisation on the touchscreen make it easy to input and monitor the key parameters. The operator selects the base, binder or surface course via the touchscreen, and ASPHALT MANAGER takes care of the rest: The intensity and the EVIB target value are defined automatically. The appropriate force is applied in the right direction at every step - as powerful as possible, as gentle as required.

ASPHALT MANAGER: can do more.

In another menu – the pro mode – users can customise the target values based on the roller driver's experience.
Furthermore, ASPHALT MANAGER allows the driver to operate a BOMAG road roller like an oscillating roller. This setting is also available in the pro mode. The drum then only applies horizontal forces, making asphalt compaction particularly gentle. This is ideal for work on bridges, in sensitive areas or the immediate vicinity of buildings.

For the road construction of today and tomorrow.

ASPHALT MANAGER even allows horizontal vibrational direction combined with a split drum. This makes compaction in bends particularly effective.

The self-regulating system for intelligent asphalt compaction is used in BOMAG road rollers ranging from 7 to 14 tons – both in pivot-steered and articulated asphalt rollers. These machines have the abbreviation AM in the product name.

For asphalt compaction, exclusively from BOMAG.

For optimum and, above all, economical compaction results: The operator selects the layer thickness and the rest is automatically taken care of by the Asphalt Manager.


The right technology for your application.

Every job is different: Even for experienced users, every construction site poses a new challenge. Our experts are happy to advise you on the right machine and the optimum technology so your project comes to a successful conclusion. Arrange a consultation now.