Automatically controlled compaction.

ASPHALT MANAGER: Intelligent and flexible.

ASPHALT MANAGER: Automatically controlled compaction.

The driver only needs to choose the layer thickness to be compacted – the rest is done by the ASPHALT MANAGER. The amplitude continuously adjusts to the level of compaction already achieved. This avoids over-compaction and drum bounce, so that ASPHALT MANAGER can be used in close proximity to structures without risk of vibration damage.

The infinitely variable amplitude enables ASPHALT MANAGER to operate more powerfully and more smoothly than conventional systems, which results in optimum performance with maximum flexibility. With integrated measurement of the compaction characteristic we call E-VIB, the driver is provided with real-time information about compaction progress. The result: the optimum number of passes for the highest efficiency and quality every time.

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Movement is good.

Different construction sites. Different surface layers. Different crews. The ASPHALT MANAGER (AM) was developed by BOMAG to make daily work easier. Because with the AM, any operator can produce optimum and, above all, economical compaction results at any time and on any subsoil. At the same time, ASPHALT MANAGER is easy to operate: the operator simply selects the layer thickness and the rest is automatically handled by the AM. No other system is as flexible as AM: With the variable amplitude, work can be both extremely effective and very sensitive. On every application, the right force is applied in the right direction: as powerfully as possible, as sensitively as necessary. The quickest compaction is produced on difficult to compact materials in particular.

ASPHALT MANAGER can do a whole lot more.

In manual mode, the driver is able to operate an AM roller exactly the same way as an oscillation roller. As with an oscillation roller, the drum only applies horizontal shearing forces, without any vertical amplitude. However, the driver can also select any other vibratory force. In other words, AM covers all application scenarios, even “just” oscillation. But AM can do a whole lot more and is smart. And it has another advantage: combining with split drums is easy. Oscillation on the other hand cannot be used in a split drum because of the design. With AM, the measurement of compaction with E-VIB is already included as standard. And as AM covers the entire range of applications, the driver has useful feedback at all times. Because of the design principle, pure oscillation on the other hand cannot be measured. This means compaction progress cannot be properly recorded and documented, or there are gaps in the data.

For asphalt compaction, exclusively from BOMAG.

For optimum and, above all, economical compaction results: The operator selects the layer thickness and the rest is automatically taken care of by the Asphalt Manager.


The right technology for your application.

Every job is different: Even for experienced users, every construction site poses a new challenge. Our experts are happy to advise you on the right machine and the optimum technology so your project comes to a successful conclusion. Arrange a consultation now.