The rolling test lab for earthworks.

TERRAMETER: Surface area covering in real time.

In earthworks, the stiffness of the material, measured with a pressure plate, is often used as a benchmark. However, load plates only measure certain points and are costly. TERRAMETER has the technology to do far more. This measuring system allows BOMAG single drum rollers to become rolling pressure plates: surface area covering, in real time.

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Creating the E-VIB value.

The interaction of the acceleration of the vibrating drum and the stiffness of the soil are used in E-VIB. In general, soil stiffness will increase along side compaction. If the soil becomes stiffer, the drum acceleration will also increase. The measuring sensors record the acceleration. This data is used to determine the effective contact force between the soil and drum and, at the same time, the vibration path of the drum. If the contact force is then laid on top of the vibration path of the drum, this results in a loading and unloading curve for every revolution of the exciter. The E-VIB value corresponds with the increase in load curve, as this correlates with the stiffness of the soil. The measuring principle corresponds with the static plate test.

Unrivalled accuracy.

Only BOMAG uses two measuring sensors on the drum to optimise measuring accuracy. The measuring frequency is also unequalled: the E-VIB value is continuously measured with a measuring density of just 10 cm. This ensures that every weak spot is detected.

Live documentation.

For an initial on site evaluation, the printer is a logical optional addition to the TERRAMETER. It documents the E-VIB track as far as 150 metres as well as minimum, maximum and average. TERRAMETER measured values can be further used for documentation with BCM or third party systems.

The rolling test lab.

The TERRAMETER measuring system is available for all 5-series single drum rollers and is also standard on single drum rollers with VARIOCONTROL.


The right technology for your application.

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