Intelligent compaction measuring technology.

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When the job demands it, the machine changes its behaviour.

We have revolutionised soil compaction with VARIOCONTROL. The drum vibrates purely linearly instead of on a circular path. Amplitude can be adjusted manually or automatically.

With sensitivity when close to vulnerable structures, or with full compaction power: Maximum quality is always guaranteed with minimum passes. The system cuts cost per cubic metre.

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Optimum compaction power at all times.

Compaction force is automatically and continuously adjusted at a given speed to match the soil requirements. This applies to all soil and rock construction materials. Compaction energy is adjusted by a specially designed exciter system, which changes the vibrating direction of the drum. The angle ranges from purely horizontal vibration for highly sensitive surface compaction to vertical vibration for maximum depth penetration.

One switch for everything.

VARIOCONTROL is operated using a display on which the driver sets the target compaction value; this setting is then automatically controlled by the system. During operation, the system clearly signals when no further passes are required. This avoids over-compaction of the soil or unwanted drum bounce.

Adjusts perfectly to any environment.

Infinitely adjustable vibration creates a range of amplitudes. This means that one single drum roller can be used for a wide variety of compaction work. If vibration is applied horizontally, for example, heavy-duty rollers can be used in urban surroundings or near buildings. VARIOCONTROL means the amplitude is adjustable depending on the environment. The surrounding area is protected against unwanted vibration, without loss of compaction performance. When the amplitude is increased to maximum, the roller not only performs within its own weight class, but is also capable of handling applications normally associated with heavier rollers.

For thicker fill layers and fewer passes.

With VARIOCONTROL, overcompaction of the soil can be avoided. The technology is available for single drum rollers in different weight classes.


The right technology for your application.

Every job is different: Even for experienced users, every construction site poses a new challenge. Our experts are happy to advise you on the right machine and the optimum technology so that your project comes to a successful conclusion. Arrange for a consultation now.