The power of precision.

Best milling performance, reduced wear.

BOMAG milling systems are the result of decades of experience. Every geometric detail, the choice of materials and the design of the cutting tool, holder system and roller all contribute to the above-average productivity of the milling machines. This results in the optimised conversion of engine power into effective milling power, and maximises output — regardless of the roller size.

The long service life of all components reduces operating costs and extends service intervals. In addition, the sophisticated maintenance concept minimizes the effort required for the remaining maintenance work.

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The milling drum: Optimised geometry

The arrangement of the roller’s holder systems is optimised to provide ultimate functionality and ensure the above-average milling quality, high efficiency and low wear. Thanks to the large drum thickness, the milling drum acts like a flywheel and operates with significantly less vibration than conventional rollers. With milling widths from 300 to 2500 mm and line spacings from 6 to 22 mm, the complete spectrum of milling work can be covered.

The perfect tool: BOMAG cutting tools

As a result of continuous development, BOMAG is able to offer high-quality carbide cutting tools for all applications. The secret of success is the innovative design of the cutting tool body. It is based on the slender shape of worn cutting tools, which are known to cut into the milled material particularly well and enable an increased milling speed. This design is of course combined with the strength of a completely new cutting tool.

Optimal power transmission and service life of the holder

The holder systems, which were developed by BOMAG specifically for the cutting tools, sit in precisely milled pockets. Not only do they transmit power better, but their precise positioning also offers a longer service life than conventional toolholders. A special hardening process guarantees a longer service life and outstanding performance at the key point to the cutting tool.

Quick and precise repositioning of basic holders

BOMAG's developers consistently focus on construction site requirements. When milling over hidden railway tracks, for example, holder parts can break off. With conventional products, this inevitably means a lengthy stoppage. BOMAG holders can be removed directly on site in such a way that the calibrated positioning feet are not damaged. A new holder is simply plugged in at the correct position and welded on site.

Holder replacement in no time at all

Changing the entire holder is also easy and efficient. The holder system is tightened once with a 100 Nm bolt tightening torque instead of the usual 500 Nm. The screw on the holder system of BOMAG milling machines is purely to prevent loss and is not relevant to the milling process. Thanks to this clever design, the time required for a complete holder change is only about half of the time needed for a conventional system.

Designed for increased machine availability

Meticulous construction based on decades of experience in the industry results in an above average service life for all components of BOMAG milling machines. The extended service intervals in combination with the particularly efficient maintenance concepts ensure significantly increased machine availability compared to other manufacturers. The result is a longer service life and more productive time on the construction site.


The right technology for your application.

Every job is different: Even for experienced users, every construction site poses a new challenge. Our experts are happy to advise you on the right machine and the optimum technology so that your project comes to a successful conclusion. Arrange for a consultation now.