BOMAP Connect

BOMAP Connect: Network all machines easily.

For complete compaction control and documentation in real time.

BOMAP Connect not only records the compaction performance of a single machine, it also enables networked monitoring of all machines and equipment involved in the compaction process - regardless of manufacturer. Machines of different makes can be easily integrated into the network.

The app then displays the compaction results of all machines involved in the project—in real time, of course. Every roller driver can immediately see where compaction work still needs to be done or where their colleagues have already achieved perfect results. BOMAP Connect works almost like a navigation system here.

The risk of an unnecessary pass, or compaction in the wrong place and over-compaction by a subsequent roller can thus be minimised. With BOMAP Connect, every roller driver knows exactly what they are doing.

Can be used regardless of manufacturer.

After launching, the app connects to the machine interface of the asphalt roller or single drum roller and registers the machine parameters. The data relevant to compaction is automatically recorded.

All non-BOMAG machines in the fleet can also be easily integrated and networked. They can also add their passes. This generates a compaction map of the entire construction site.

Seamlessly and for the entire fleet.

The data from all rollers involved in the compaction process is consolidated via a cloud platform and the result is then displayed in seconds as a colour map.

The differently coloured areas on the map visualise the compaction progress achieved by the entire machine fleet. Every driver can immediately see their position, which areas of the construction site have already been compacted and to what extent.

A remote control for several construction site projects.

The requirements for location-independent remote access via the internet are also met. The site manager can also monitor all ongoing projects while on the road and, if necessary, take corrective action.

With the help of 3D data and current information from online map services, the important construction site parameters can be determined, and construction processes can be planned in detail.

Optimise, document, archive at the push of a button.

The final project assignment is subsequently transmitted to the tablets of the roller drivers, foreman and site manager at the push of a button.

Changes to the construction or compaction process or fine adjustments to a project plan can also be transmitted to all participants in real time. Once a project has been completed and evaluated, it can be archived just as conveniently at the push of a button.

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Just get started: Compaction control with the BOMAP app.

With BOMAP, you can monitor the results of your soil and asphalt compaction in real time, regardless of the manufacturer. The app is immediately ready for use after installation.

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