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Acquire first-hand knowledge.

Get the most out of your machine.

Acquiring, deepening and putting knowledge directly into practice - these are the three core elements that make up BOMAG trainings. They provide you and your employees with the necessary know-how for your everyday work.

Find out first-hand how to optimally operate, maintain and care for your machine.

As well as the basics, competent trainers from all areas of expertise teach technical facts and detailed knowledge. They also address individual questions and combine theoretical and practical content.  

Get the most out of your machines and profit from them in the long term.

BOMAG Application Expert – Webinars

In our online webinars, experts from BOMAG address numerous topics from actual construction site situations. Whether you are interested in a basic introduction to soil stabilisation, quality requirements for asphalt paving, the ins and outs of roller technology, refuse/soil compaction, or the operation of a road paver and its optimum interaction with the roller - our webinars are sure to provide you with the right topic.

And taking part is really simple: Sign up here, receive the registration link and take part online free of charge - from the comfort of your own home.

Für einen erfolgreichen Asphalteinbau sind zwei Aspekte absolut wesentlich: die fachgerechte Bedienung der Straßenfertiger und das Wissen um die Zusammenhänge zwischen Maschine, Anwendung und Materialbeschaffenheit. Das gewährleistet eine kontrollierte Qualität als Einbauergebnis.

Donnerstag 09. Juli, 16.00 Uhr
Donnerstag 16. Juli 09.00 Uhr

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Soil stabilizer turn soil of insufficient bearing capacity into

soil that is highly suitable for soil placement and compaction. The soil is mixed with lime or cement to a depth of typically 150 to 500 mm depending on job site conditions and requirements. The webinar deals with various binding agents, the spreading-, stabilization- and compaction process and presents case studies from infrastructure applications.

Thursday, 09th July, 09.00 UTC+2
Thursday, 16th July, 16.00 UTC+2

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Two aspects are absolutely essential for successful and high-quality asphalt paving: professional operation of the pavers and knowledge of the relationship between the machine, application and material properties. This ensures the controlled quality of the work result.

Thursday 23th July, 09.00 UTC+2
Thursday 30th July, 16.00 UTC+2

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Full-depth reclamation is a type of complete road rehabilitation method by recycling the existing road. The old pavement and road base materials are processed on-site. During this process, the old materials are pulverized, mixed, and treated with cement and / or bitumen, depending on the local conditions.
Special recycling equipment with cutting & mixing rotor, bitumen- and water injection and a precise dosing control system  is used. The webinar includes the recycling process, equipment features and applications from various road rehabilitation projects.

Thursday 23th July, 16.00 UTC+2
Thursday 30th July, 09.00 UTC+2

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Since many years BOMAG offers roller integrated compaction measurement and documentation systems, which control and monitor the compaction process. The systems have been used on many highway, airport and railway projects to ensure Continuous Compaction Control (CCC), which has been introduced in many countries as a quality control standard for compaction works. Further development has been led to an App based CCC system, which offers real time information to operators, job site and quality control managers through cloud solutions. Fully digitalized, the system offers full transparency, it`s easy to operate and ready for Building Information Modelling (BIM). The webinar presents the measurement principle, the way of compaction data collection, process documentation and data evaluation and finally various application examples.

Thursday 06th August, 09.00 UTC+2
Thursday 13th August, 16.00 UTC+2

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Post compaction of the ground with polygon rollers is a very efficient and economical solution in case of low or uneven bearing capacity of the subsoil due to low density. Polygon rollers generate very high compaction power by using heavy mass, a special drum design   and high amplitude. Compaction depths of 1–3m depending on ground and soil conditions are possible. The webinar presents the polygon compaction technology and various case studies from seaport -, airport-, highway- and other infra structure projects from all over the world.

Thursday 20th August, 09.00 UTC+2
Thursday 20th August, 16.00 UTC+2

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Often the question is asked, what is the benefit of compacting waste in a landfill. With this webinar we will explain the influences on the economic efficiency, but also on the processes on the landfill. We will also draw your attention to the details of the compaction process and take a look at the relevant influencing factors. We will also draw your attention to the details of the compaction process and take a look at the relevant influencing factors.  There are also many things to consider when choosing a machine. What influences the performance of the machine positively or negatively? The aim is of course to find a suitable solution.

Thursday, 06th August, 16.00 UTC+2
Thursday, 13th August, 09.00 UTC+2

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Online Training

The application trainings for both beginners and experienced users are now available free of charge as online training.

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Service Training

Know-how for a successful future!


  • Effective learning in small groups
  • Qualified contact staff
  • Time for questions and individual solutions
  • Updates existing knowledge
  • Specific diagnosis alongside the machine


Service training offers valuable input and creates added value for every participant. Whether electrics, hydraulics, control ESX/MESX, engine training or the installation of wear parts – we will ensure that you get to know every aspect of your machine.

A service training course usually takes 2 - 5 days and is carried out in small groups. Lunch, drinks at break time and documents are included in the total price.

On the BOMAG Extranet you can find detailed information on our range of service training courses.

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Application Training

Linking theoretical and practical content closely together.


  • Qualified contact staff
  • Time for questions and individual solutions
  • Offers basic knowledge and updates existing knowledge
  • Demonstrates surface covering dynamic compaction control (SCCC) practically
  • Instruction and optimal use of ASPHALT MANAGER 2


A wide choice of topics features in BOMAG application training courses. Our individually tailored courses are suited to site operatives, site managers, or contractors. In addition to areas of use, operation and the suitability of different types of rollers or pavers, there are training courses on regulations affecting site managers.

Application training courses deal with many real life situations on site. Apart from basic knowledge on soil stabilisation or on quality requirements in asphalt construction, the courses also offer knowledge on rolling technology, levelling and the ASPHALT MANAGER 2. The operation of a paver and how it works together with the roller are included in the training programme, as well.

After completing the training all participants will receive a certificate.

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