Sensor Kit

Simply upgrade the roller with the BOMAP SENSOR KIT.

Every roller becomes smart with BOMAG’s SENSOR KIT.

Even older road rollers without measuring technology or machines lacking the JOBLINK interface can use BOMAP extensively and work together in one network. Even machines from other manufacturers can be brought up to date with the BOMAP SENSOR KIT.

With this technology, all rollers involved in the compaction process are able to compact intelligently, accurately record the vibration status and the surface temperature of the paved material, and enter it into the site documentation.

“Stay up to date with the latest technology. Protect your investment. You don’t need new machines; you only need a BOMAP SENSOR KIT”.

Simply smart compaction.

With BOMAP, BOMAG has developed software that enables particularly efficient work and can be used independently of the machine type or manufacturer.

Thanks to BOMAP Connect, all machines involved in the compaction process can be networked. Even older machines without measuring technology or an interface can be integrated - simply with BOMAG’s SENSOR KIT.

Third-party make? No problem!

Upgrading an older roller or an external brand with the latest BOMAG technology is quick and easy because the BOMAP SENSOR KIT contains everything you need: sensors, cables, connectors and magnetic mounts.

And, of course, the JOBLINK Bluetooth interface is also included. The BOMAP SENSOR KIT fits on any machine.

State-of-the-art technology.

The temperature sensor covers a measuring range from 0 °C to 200 °C. It can be easily attached using a magnetic mount.

The vibration sensor reliably detects dynamic passes, enabling them to be documented. The transmission of sensor information is ensured via a hub and the Bluetooth interface JOBLINK. Equipped in this way, rental machines can also be integrated.

A sustainable investment.

An upgrade with the BOMAP SENSOR KIT is particularly worthwhile for machines that are still in very good condition but cannot meet the requirements for surface covering compaction control in terms of electronics or measurement technology.

BOMAG’s SENSOR KIT upgrades these machines cost-effectively to a completely new level of quality, thus extending the service life of the investment.

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Just get started: Compaction control with the BOMAP app.

With BOMAP, you can monitor the results of your soil and asphalt compaction in real time, regardless of the manufacturer. The app is immediately ready for use after installation.

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