The new way to build.

Three "home-grown" machines in action.

In the accredited spa townof Lingerhahn, just 20 km from BOMAG's headquarters, a new home is currently under construction. The building with approximately 120 square metres of living space was constructed using a modular construction method. The modules are made from 100% sustainable materials. The most important material here is wood, sourced from renewable forests in the Hunsrück region. In the meantime, the family has moved in. For the remaining exterior work, a BOMAG BR 95 vibratory plate, a reversible plate with STONEGUARD and a BT 60 e battery-powered tamper are being used - and for good reason.

Keep it simple

That's Sascha Schneiders' motto, Head of Production at David Module. The highly dynamicstart-up was founded by his brother David and specialises in constructing CO2-negative modular houses.

In the first two years, the Schneiders consulted and listened carefully to specialists and customers, and quickly built up comprehensive know-how across all trades. They offer building solutions that are particularly efficient in terms of function and energy consumption, and can be built in a resource and cost-saving way.

A cellar or base plate, for example, is not essential. The individual modules can be installed on a screw foundation with sufficient dimensions. For each completed modular house, the company reforests 100 new trees. This is up to two and a half times as many as are used in construction.

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From initial planning to moving in in just seven months

Even though no special subsoil preparation for a base plate or foundation was required on the level site in Hunsrück, three "home-grown" construction machines from the nearby BOMAG headquarters were still deployed. The David Module company considers itself a full-service provider, and just because the modules are already in place or even already occupied doesn't mean their work is completed. Sascha Schneiders and his team were also commissioned with the construction of the outdoor facilities: edging the plot, building the stairway landing, and paving the parking and courtyard area. Schneiders relies on state-of-the-art Light Equipment from BOMAG for this work.

We are still in the early stages with our company and ideally, when it comes to company equipment, I only want to buy once - then it's better to choose top quality that delivers what it promises. I got that tip from my father. Sascha Schneiders, Head of Production David Module

Won over by BOMAG machines' easy handling

Sascha Schneiders is a huge fan of BOMAG's BR 95 round plate, a single direction vibratory plate that combines the advantages of two machine families: it's as slim and compact as a vibratory tamper and as easy to steer and manoeuvre as a traditional vibratory plate. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it is ideal for use in small and confined construction areas or right up to walls and house fronts. And then it makes virtually no difference where you stand at the machine. With the 360° guide bar and minimal effort, the BR 95 can always be moved in the desired direction.

For us, machine use must be self-explanatory and intuitive; we're not heavy users. No training was needed for the three BOMAG machines we deployed here. I could get started straight away and the results speak for themselves. Sascha Schneiders, Head of Production David Module

Performance and quality were, of course, decisive factors in their choice, but Schneiders is also only interested in machines that give him a good feeling in his everyday work, machines that "make life easy for us and do the job well".

With the BR 95, nothing protrudes or gets in the way. The machine is extremely precise when compacting in corners and along edging. In addition, the round plate achieves a very level surface finish thanks to its larger base plate compared to the tamper. So exactly the right machine for the last fill in the staircase landing. The first layers of the 50 centimetres of 16/32 crushed rock were compacted with BOMAG's BT 60 e battery-powered tamper.

And this machine also gives Schneiders the feeling they're doing the right thing and using the right equipment.

We want to make sustainable construction both better and more affordable - better and cheaper than any environmentally harmful alternative on the market. Because only then can we change things as a whole. And if we had our way, every conventional construction machine would be replaced by an electric model as soon as possible. Sascha Schneiders, Head of Production David Module

So just flip the switch

BOMAG's powerful battery-powered tamper starts reliably in all weather conditions - simply and at the touch of a button. The battery can also be changed quickly without tools and in a few simple steps. Schneiders can get through the entire working day on one battery charge, which was important to him. He tops up the battery later: with the help of a quick charger, the replaced battery is full again in just under two hours.


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For the paving work, David Module's team used the BOMAG BPR 35/60 D vibratory plate with STONEGUARD for the first time. Approximately 70 square metres of rectangular pavers had to be laid in Lingerhahn.

In terms of surface coverage, handling and quality, the reversible paving plate, which is only available from BOMAG, achieves outstanding results - with a drastically reduced breakage rate. With conventional compaction equipment, paving stone breakage can often be as high as 30%. This is a risk factor that can unexpectedly cause costs to skyrocket. But less breakage also means less material consumption, which translates into reduced use of resources - another area where David Module thinks sustainably.

And as with almost every BOMAG model up to 300 kilos, the robust transport wheels on the BPR 35/60 D with STONEGUARD are quick and easy to fit. They ensure the machine can be moved easily with little effort.

In future, David residential modules will also have an optional special transport device. Then they too can be moved from one construction site to the next almost as easily as is already the case with BOMAG machines.


BOMAG battery-electric machines are built to withstand the rigours of the job site. They are backed by decades of experience and innovation from BOMAG's compaction experts.

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