Peak performance in a nutshell.

BOMAG cold planer in action on a section of the B 327.

Frost, heat, traffic – even the best road eventually succumbs to deformation, cracks and potholes after years of use. Eventually, there's no avoiding (partially) replacing the asphalt surface courses.

To minimise the impact on mobility during renewal projects, especially on heavily frequented routes, powerful and highly efficient road construction equipment is essential. Cold planers are among the first machines to be deployed in road rejuvenation.

Numerous factors determine the actual productivity of these powerful machines. Above all:

  • What milling power can the machine achieve?
  • How manoeuvrable is it on the construction site, and how ergonomic is its operation?
  • How well prepared is the planer for weather and lighting conditions?
  • How easy is the machine to operate?


22 m a minute with a 12 cm surface.

A prime example of the successful implementation of these requirements is the renovation of the B 327 near Forsthaus Remstecken in October 2023. The reconstruction is aimed at maintaining the substance of this important federal highway over the long term and became necessary after the asphalt layers showed signs of damage, such as cracks, subsidence and deformation. The uppermost asphalt layers were renewed. Due to the relatively narrow road width, the work had to be carried out with full closures in some sections.

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One of the machines deployed for the project was a BOMAG BM 1500/65 cold planer. The key data for this job are impressive:

in a single day, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., the asphalt binder and top layer of brittle asphalt were removed at a milling depth of 12 cm. The material quantities removed in such a short time are staggering: 420 t of asphalt and 250 t of gravel! In total, about 300 m3 of material was milled and removed from the site by 10 lorries. In the gloomy autumn weather, visibility conditions were particularly difficult at the beginning and end of the work.

Highly efficient with a 1,500 mm width.

Two features of the BOMAG planer in particular contributed to the success of this job:

Firstly: with a milling width of 1.5 m and a CECE weight of 27 t, the BM 1500/65 achieves outstanding productivity, especially when fully extended / complete removal is involved. The working width of 1,500 mm does not limit efficiency compared to larger machines.

For a road width of 2.75 m, the BM1500/65 allows for higher milling speeds than a machine with a 2 m milling unit with the same number of passes. The advantages of the compact machine are evident. The BM 1500/65 provides the performance of a machine in the 2 m class with a milling width of just 1,500 mm.

The comparatively low weight of the BM/65 series in relation to the machine's high performance also facilitates transport to and from the construction site. With a weight of 27 t and a length of only 11.75 m when the conveyor belt is folded in, the BM 1500/65 large planer is easy to load.

Secondly: the BM 1500/65 impresses with a clear operating concept that provides support in all situations. The well-thought-out design of the BOMAG cold planer furthermore provides excellent all-round visibility. The slim front section of the large planer allows the machine operator an unobstructed view of the cutting edge, the side plate, the track to be milled and the danger zone around the conveyor belt during operation. The flat rear design also provides a better overview and therefore greater safety when manoeuvring. The planer features a vibration-insulated operator position. It includes an additional cushioned standing surface for the driver. The result: fatigue-free and effective working.

The machine used on the B 327 was also equipped with the "Advanced Night Package", extending the standard lighting of 37,700 lumens by 142,750 lumens. It literally turns night into day.

The BM 1500/65's sleek design and especially its turning circle of just 1.7 m make it particularly manoeuvrable. The 130° swivel angle combined with the smallest milling radius in the 650 hp class make it easier to navigate and load the trucks – even in small roundabouts and tight bends.

BOMAG sets standards in the 650 hp class.

On the B 327 Forsthaus Remstecken construction site, the BM 1500/65 was therefore able to demonstrate its full potential. However, this cleverly designed cold planer is suitable for numerous other applications.

What kind of machine is this? With its BM 1500/65 large planer, BOMAG has set new standards in the 650 hp class. It utilises its enormous working capacity of up to 22 m per minute particularly efficiently. The perfect combination of machine dimensions, milling performance, manoeuvrability and ease of operation make it a particularly economical solution for renovation and development projects.

Here are a few additional features that vividly illustrate the qualities of the BM 1500/65:

  • Outstanding cutting technology
    BOMAG's powerful cutting technology and the wear-optimised exchange holder save up to 20% fuel and significantly extend the cutter's service life.

  • Powerful and economical
    640 hp engine power with Stage V and TIER4f dual-certification – the perfect match of engine power and milling speed coupled with the exchange holder system make the BM 1500/65 the most cost-effective planer in the light 650 hp class.

  • Smart maintenance design
    All service-relevant points are easily accessible via the engine hood, the driver's stand and the large service flaps. Quick and uncomplicated access to the engine service points is possible from both above and below.

  • Large water tank
    The planer's water tank has a capacity of 3,250 l – a sufficient reserve for long working intervals. Its split spray bar optimises water use, thus conserving valuable resources.

  • Safety on sensitive construction sites
    The BM 1500/65 can also be equipped with an additional auxiliary engine. In everyday operation, it assists the machine operator in servicing the milling drum. However, the auxiliary engine can also take on other tasks: if the main engine fails, the planer is still manoeuvrable and can extricate itself autonomously from a construction site thanks to the backup unit - a crucial advantage in sensitive projects where every second counts - such as refurbishing runways.
  • Intelligent water system
    BOMAG Dual Filtration prevents dust or rust from clogging the spray system and nozzles. The filter can be easily cleaned. To prevent frost damage, the system can simply be blown out with compressed air in cold weather.

  • Unrivalled fine dust reduction
    BOMAG's innovative ION DUST SHIELD further enhances the performance of the already powerful dust extraction system. Harmful fine dust with a particle size < 10 μm can be additionally reduced by up to 80%.
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All of these advantages and performance features came together on the B 327. Optimum working width, power, manoeuvrability, flexibility, safety and comfort complement each other for a perfect work result. A successful day on the way to a fast, economical and high-quality renovation of a federal highway, now available again for its intended use for years to come.

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