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Airport Construction in Indonesia.

Successful implementation of projects in Indonesia using BOMAG compaction technology

Indonesia is one of the largest countries in South East Asia and the larges archipelago in the world. With more than 15,000 islands it stretches 5,150 km from east to west. The largest islands are Sumatra, Java and Kalimantan, Sulawesi and the Indonesian part New Guinea. The population exceeds 250 Million people. In order to connect the islands and major cities air travel is very important. BOMAG machines demonstrated their advantages and performance on the major airports. The pavers, rollers, and cold planners were used to pave the Cement Treated Base Course (CTB) and asphalt as well as to resurface the existing runways.

Jarkata Soekarno-Hatta Int. Airport

Jarkata Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta is the busiest airport in Southeast Asia with a total passengers traffic of about 67 million in 2018. Construction of Runway 3 at Jakarta-Soekarno-Hatta International Airport was planned with the intention to meet the future increase and demand of passenger traffic which is expected to hit 100 million in year 2025. Once operational, the airport will be able to accommodate up to 114 flights per hour. This is in conjunction with the airport’s basic development plan as proposed by the state-owned airport operator PT Angkasa Pura II to improve the airport’s services and facilities. This also includes the planned construction of a fourth terminal.

Construction of Cement Treated Base Course (CTB) for New Parallel Taxiway for Runway 3

  • 3,000 m length x 60 m width
  • 30 cm depth for main taxiway
  • 3 cm depth for taxiway shoulder
  • Total Volume: ~ 76,000 m3

Quality control

  • Field thickness test: 1 per 250 m2
  • Field density test: 1 per 1,000 m2
  • Density requirement: 98% MDD
  • Final compaction should be completed within 45 minutes of CTB laying

Aggregates gradation for cement treated base course (CTB)

Sieve Size: % Passing Grade A / % Passing Grade B

2” (51 mm): 100 / 100
No. 4 (4.75 mm): 45 – 100 / 55 – 100
No. 10 (1.80 mm): 37 – 80 / 45 – 100
No. 40 (0.45 mm): 15 – 50 / 25 – 80
No. 80 (0.21 mm): 0 – 25 / 10 – 35

With the above stringent requirements, state-owned contractor PT. PP (Persero) Tbk. decided on the following BOMAG machinery fleet to complete the CTB construction process:


  • Paver - 01 unit BF 800 C
  • Tandem Roller - 02 units BW 161 AD-4
  • Pneumatic Tire Roller - 02 units BW 24 RH

Training, trial and testing

Before the paver was deployed on the actual jobsite, it had been subjected to a paving trial to determine the settings and as training for the operators to get familiar with the controls and operation. Operation and maintenance training was first conducted for the operators in the classroom and proceeded to the yard for a hands-on the machine.

Using the stockpile sand in the yard, the paver was put through its paces and the resulting paved surface was good with the uniform thickness throughout the width and length of the test section complete with a smooth compacted surface. Ease of operation was evident as the paver was operated by the contractor’s representatives with minimal supervision.

Actual operation

The jobsite was prepared into 60 m length sections of 3.4 m width to facilitate the CTB paving operation. This was done to optimize the operation so that the final compaction could be completed within 45 minutes of CTB laying. The CTB was laid in 2 x 20 cm layers with a final depth of 30 cm after compaction.

1 / 1


All quality control tests conducted were satisfactory and complied with the project specifications. Comparing his experience of operating pavers of another manufacturer, the operator commented that the BF 800 C was very comfortable to operate as there were hardly any vibration in the operator cabin. The paving speed was also much faster and therefore more productive.

With the results, experience and confidence acquired through this project and the performance and reliability of our machines, PT. PP (Persero) Tbk. decided to purchase further paving machine sets for their future airport runway projects. Further BOMAG paving machine sets will be detailed in the next section.

New Yogyakarta Int. Airport

New Yogyakarta International Airport (NYIA) also known as Kulon Progo International Airport, was built to replace the Adisutijitpo International Airport due to undercapacity. The Adisutijitpo International Airport only has a capacity of 1.2 million but it is required to serve 7.2 million passengers a year. It is located at the Temon district of Kulon Progo Regency which serves the Yogyakarta Special Region in Java, Indonesia. The new airport will be further developed as part of the country’s plan to have a concept of an airport city incorporating logistics, industrial areas, and tourism areas into one integrated economic zone.

Construction of Cement Treated Base Course (CTB) for Runway

  • 3,250 m length x 60 m width
  • 20 cm depth for main taxiway 
  • 3 cm depth for taxiway shoulder
  • Total Volume: ~ 39,000 m3

Quality control

  • Field thickness test: 1 per 250 m2
  • Field density test: 1 per 1,000 m2
  • Density requirement: 98% MDD
  • Final compaction should be completed within 45 minutes of CTB laying

With the positive results and experience acquired from the previous project at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, state-owned contractor PT. PP (Persero) Tbk. decided on the following BOMAG fleet for the CTB construction at the New Yogyakarta International Airport’s Runway.


  • Paver - 02 units BF 800 C
  • Tandem Roller - 04 units BW 161 AD-4
  • Pneumatic Tire Roller - 04 units BW 24 RH


50 m length by 5 m with lanes were set up with stringline and formwork in preparation for the CTB layer construction. Again, this is to optimize the operation process as the final compaction had to be completed within 45 minutes of CTB laying.

Actual operation

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Target compaction requirement of 98% maximum dry density was achieved consistently throughout. General Manager of PT. PP (Persero) Tbk., Mr. Eka Marpaung, who was in charge of the equipment, was also on the jobsite to oversee the operation of the BOMAG machine fleet. He was impressed with the consistency and quality of the surface that was produced throughout.

Minangkabau Int. Airport

Minangkabau International Airport (PDG) became operational with a capacity of 2.2 million passengers in 2005. Due to overcrowding – the airport served 4.2 million passengers in 2018 – the works for a new terminal with an additional capacity of 1.2 million started in 2018. Apart from expanding the airport, there was also a focus on renovating the airport’s preexisting facilities. With the new terminal called “Jakarta”, the airport is designed to serve up to 5.7 million passengers per year. Minangkabau International Airport is located 23 km from the center of the city of Padang on Sumatra, Indonesia’s biggest island.

Resurfacing oft he existing runway

  • 2,750 m length x 45 m width
  • Milling off existing 10 cm thick asphalt layer
  • Paving of new 10 cm thick asphalt layer


As the airport was still operational during construction, all works had to be conducted at night after air traffic control had closed the runway. Machine checks and final preparation were conducted at the parking area while waiting for clearance to enter the runway to ensure that they were in good operating condition.


The state-owned contractor, PT. PP (Persero) Tbk., again selected BOMAG to complete the resurfacing works for this airport runway. The following machines were used:


  • Cold Milling Machine - 01 unit BM 2000/60
  • Paver - 02 units BF 800 C
  • Tandem Roller - 02 units BW 203 AD-4, 02 - units BW 161 AD-4
  • Pneumatic Tire Roller - 07 units BW 24 RH

Actual operation

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Due to the time-sensitive nature of the runway re-surfacing project, speed and productivity were the key to success of the completion of project on time. BOMAG machines proved up to the task as the cold milling machine, BM 2000/60, produced precise cuts and quick removal of the distressed asphalt surface.

The paver BF 800 C laid new mats of 5 m width with smooth, consistent and even surface achieving high pre-compaction rates making achieving the 98% MDD requirement a formality after final compaction with the BW 161 AD-4 and BW 24 RH.

Paver & Feeder

Born for the road: Pavers and feeders with BOMAG DNA.

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