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Paver in pole position: road construction project in Turkey

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390 kilometres separate the metropolitan city of Istanbul from western Turkey. 390 kilometres on which there is plenty to do. In one of the largest construction projects in Turkey’s history, a motorway is being built on this route that also includes the “Izmit Bay Suspension Bridge”, a 2,682 m long 1,550 m wide bridge. Upon completion, it will be the fourth-longest suspension bridge in the world. Construction of the bridge is in the hands of an international consortium, and Turkish construction company Yener Asfalt won the contract to build the first section of motorway leading to the bridge. Yener Asfalt is relying on four BOMAG BF 800 C pavers with S 600 screed to get the job done - and these are not the only BOMAG machines that will be deployed in this major project. 

"I have overseen numerous projects where the surveyors thought the asphalt binder course was the cover layer, due to the high uniformity and flatness of the asphalt. This is not only due to our experienced construction teams, but also to the BOMAG pavers." Berkan Dogan, civil engineer at Yener Asfalt

Quality and endurance

The 8 km long section of motorway will be paved with a total of 300,000 tonnes of crushed aggregate and 200,000 tonnes of asphalt. Such high paving rates demand not just quality, but endurance as well. The BF 800 C with 135 kW, a weight of 21.3 t, and a capacity of 800 tonnes per hour comes equipped with both. In addition, it delivers extremely high pre-compaction values of up to 95% by means of an infinite vibration- and tamper frequency. And that pays off.

Products and technologies bring advantages

The construction of the Izmit Bridge should be completed by the end of 2016, and the entire motorway in 2020. Until then, the four BF 800 C have their work cut out. But that’s not a problem thanks to BOMAG pavers’ durability and simple maintenance. The service intervals are remarkably long, and if there are any downtimes, BOMAG offers carefully selected maintenance and emergency kits. And it is not just servicing the BF 800 C that is extremely convenient, but also its operability. The operating console and the seat form a unit and can be shifted to the left or right with an overhang of up to 60 cm. 60 cm that make a big difference, because road construction is precision work. The BOMAG SIDEVIEW system provides the driver with a clear view of the machine edge, auger and screed, and into the hopper.

Long operating times - rapid maintenance

The daily compaction checks posed a challenge. With approximately two million square metres of compacted area per day, 2,500 individual tests are typically required, which is a very time-consuming and costly undertaking. But BOMAG had an efficient solution for this, too. After extensive testing in autumn 2015 and spring 2016, the joint venture was convinced by the performance of the BCM 05 compaction control system and the BOMAG GPS system.

Yener opts for BOMAG

In addition to the pavers, nine other BOMAG machines are in operation for Yener Asfalt in Turkey - a BW 120 AD-4 light tandem roller, four BW 161 AD-4 heavy tandem rollers, two BW 24 RH pneumatic tyred rollers and two BW 213 D-4 single drum rollers. Yener Asfalt also relies on machines that guarantee an optimal results in the field of compaction, and makes no compromises in terms of technology, quality and cost efficiency.

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