New to BOMAG's product portfolio: single direction BR 95 vibratory plate

Boppard, 28.10.2021: Tamper or vibratory plate? Isn’t there a third option? There sure is! BOMAG's new BR 95 vibratory plate is the ideal combination of efficiency and manoeuvrability. Agile and easy to handle, it excels in earthworks wherever flush compaction is required in the smallest of spaces, such as close to building walls, posts or in cable and pipe trenches. This is made possible by a square base plate with rounded corners and a machine design as slim as it is ergonomic. With the all-round 360-degree guide handle, the operator has the machine firmly in their grip in any situation – and with low vibration for fatigue-free working.

BOMAG has extended its range of Light Equipment with the BR 95, a single direction vibratory plate for the compaction of gravel, sand and mixed grain soils. The advantages of the square base plate with rounded corners (450 mm) are particularly evident in repair and correction work in earthwork and paving. The manoeuvrable machine is ideal for working in confined spaces, as it can compact right up to the edges. The working speed of 30 m/min ensures high efficiency. Depending on the material, the fill height in one pass is 25 cm. With a lower amplitude than the tamper and a weight of 92 kg, the BR 95 is particularly convenient and safe to operate. High-quality, even surfaces are the result.

Close to all walls on every side

The square base plate with rounded corners is a well-thought-out feature of BOMAG’s latest innovation, as this design allows every side to travel flexibly along all walls and edges for flush compaction. In addition, the slim design of the column above the base plate, with nothing protruding beyond the base plate, ensures maximum freedom of movement.

All-round guide handle for practical steering

Where work ergonomics are concerned, BOMAG once again learned a lot from its customers, who were involved in the innovation process at every step. One example of this is the all-round guide handle, which is positioned above the engine: this enables the operator to guide the machine safely in any position, just like a steering wheel. Frequent changes of direction can therefore be handled skilfully and under complete control – even in confined environments like a cable trench.


Mechanical vibrations have been minimised: in terms of hand-arm vibrations, the machine stands out with excellent values of less than 2.5 m/s2. This allows operators to work with the BOMAG BR 95 for up to 8 hours, which also simplifies documentation requirements. Its ultra-low centre of gravity makes the machine easy to steer and ensures it always has a secure footing.

Minimal wear and tear as a design principle

All key parts are optimally protected against dirt and impact damage, minimising wear in tough working conditions. A side guard helps to ensure that the powerful 3.5 kW engine has a long service life. The additional cyclone filter significantly reduces the service effort: it pre-filters the air so that fewer dust particles reach the actual filter. The V-belt is, of course, completely protected from dirt and dust. The exhaust gases are directed downwards and the tailpipe has a heat protection plate – more plus points in terms of work safety.

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