FAYAT Group | Press Release | January 18 & 19, 2024


Road to sustainability − with latest innovations.

Companies of the FAYAT Group, and more particularly the FAYAT Road Equipment division, are working towards sustainability and digitalization through equipment and technologies for the future of road construction, maintenance and rehabilitation.

Covering everything from safe and alternative drives and other technologies for reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint, to autonomous machines and digital integration, the FAYAT Group shows how close they are to making these ideas reality.

We see 3 main priorities driving the industry of road equipment: advancing safety, improving environment and harnessing digitalization; they are at the heart of every machine, so contractors can be more productive, efficient and profitable.

Specifically on planning and documentation of jobsites, but also in operator assistance systems to improve both the quality of work and the safety of the jobsite, the FAYAT Group is presenting solutions for all of these.

The FAYAT Road Equipment division caters to all steps of the road life cycle, with solutions in asphalt production, application and compaction, road maintenance, sweeping, cold milling, stabilization & recycling and soil compaction. These solutions, products and services, create value for our customers.

Fayat Road Equipment division at Intermat.

The brands of Fayat Road Equipment present at Intermat in April 2024 will portray our global approach to road construction, maintenance and rehabilitation as well as the capability to provide local solutions to the specific context of each job; in addition to securing our customers with solutions that cater to each stage of the road construction life cycle and are adaptable to diverse market requirements.

Most importantly, the brands of Fayat Road Equipment at Intermat 2024 will present the latest developments and solutions on the market in line with the low-carbon transition of the road construction sector.

INTERMAT - Paris Nord, Villepinte
Pavillion 5a Stand C134
From April 24- 27, 2024

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Lower CO₂ emissions.

With its e-PERFORMANCE construction machines, BOMAG is making a future-oriented contribution to more resource-efficient work on construction sites. Battery-electric machines from BOMAG work with highly efficient, energy-saving and emission-free electric motors. Compared to combustion engines, significantly reduce noise levels on the construction site, protecting the health of both operators and local residents.

At the same time, e-PERFORMANCE machines offer strong economic advantages. They are in no way inferior to conventionally powered machines regarding performance and quality. In terms of service and maintenance, they are even particularly economical and significantly reduce service and operating costs through their use. They are also a reliable answer to increasingly stringent exhaust regulations.

The noise and emission limits stipulated in tenders can often only be met by the use of electric construction machinery. In its e-PERFORMANCE product development, BOMAG combines sophisticated technology with smart solutions for the future. Machines are now available for a wide range of applications: BP 10/36 e and BP 18/45 e electric vibratory plates. BW 100 AD e-5 and BW 120 AD e-5 tandem rollers. BT 60 e tamper.


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