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Smart compaction: From Sofia to the Black Sea.

With BOMAP Connect, all machines on a construction site can be easily networked with each other.

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New Mandalika International Street Circuit

The track is already considered to be one of the most exciting tracks in the motorsport world. BOMAG machines were used for the paving and compaction of the asphalt for the entire track, the verges, run-off zones and service roads.

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Airport Construction in Indonesia

BOMAG pavers, rollers and cold planners were used to pave the Cement Treated Base Course and asphalt as well as to resurface the existing runways.

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Укладка асфальта на подземной автостоянке

Там, где большие внедорожники иногда испытывают трудности с маневрированием, компактный асфальтоукладчик BOMAG BF 200 C-2 полностью в своей родн

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