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Pavers & feeders: Born for the road.

Road construction is a complex task. That’s why every BOMAG paver is systematically designed for efficiency – regardless of the class and whether it is a wheel or chain version. This applies as much to the lower fuel consumption as to fast operational readiness and excellent pre-compaction.

Developed and optimized by engineers, who can draw upon half a century of experience, particularly in respect of efficient road construction. Every machine leaves the factory with the highest possible level of reliability. Another reason why selecting BOMAG ensures an investment that pays off for a long time.

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Emission stage Stage V / TIER4f
Capacity 262 yd3/h
Weight 13,228 lb
Emission stage Stage V / TIER4f
Capacity 392 yd3/h
Weight 19,842 lb
Emission stage Stage IV / TIER4f
Weight 36,400 lb
Working width (min-max) 8 - 15 ft
Emission stage Stage IV / TIER4f
Weight 34,500 lb
Working width (min-max) 8 - 16 ft
Emission stage Stage IV / TIER4f
Weight 42,600 lb
Working width (min-max) 120.0 - 360.0 in
Emission stage Stage IV / TIER4f
Weight 38,280 lb
Working width (min-max) 120.0 - 360.0 in

Pavers and asphalt feeders – the specialists in road construction.

BOMAG offers a wide choice of machines and equipment variants in the paver and feeder sector. The spectrum ranges from versatile compact pavers to very large machines capable of building roads for aircraft.The paver’s job is to lay courses of bound material (such as asphalt) or unbound material (such as crushed rock) and create a consistently even, pre-compacted subgrade.

Pavers and asphalt feeders – distinguishing features.

In addition to the paving width (defined by the screed width), the maximum paving output per hour is worth mentioning here. 

In addition to machines from the widely used tracked paver segment, BOMAG also offers wheeled pavers.

The wheeled version allows for greater paving flexibility compared to the tracked paver, and these machines are more mobile on the construction site. However, the tracked paver excels with higher traction. The construction machines in the compact paver and footpath paver segment showcase their strengths on small construction sites and in confined spaces. They are particularly suitable for footpath construction or asphalt paving in halls and underground car parks. Transportation from site to site is usually unproblematic. Thanks to their low weight and narrow transport width, BOMAG’s smallest pavers fit on almost any truck - even with screed extensions attached.

Asphalt pavers and asphalt feeders for almost any application.

BOMAG asphalt pavers are equipped with a specially developed high-performance screed. They achieve very high pre-compaction. The vibration frequency of the screed plates and tampers is perfectly matched. In addition, the screeds on BOMAG pavers have a very high dead weight, and the levelling plates are particularly long. The BOMAG screed ensures that the highest pre-compaction values can be achieved in road construction with a BOMAG asphalt paver - because the better the pre-compaction, the more efficient the entire paving process is. Choosing a BOMAG asphalt paver is a decision that pays off in the long term.

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