On the construction site.

Working sustainably.

There are many sides to sustainability on the construction site for BOMAG: alternative drives, low-emission construction machinery, innovative technologies for a better overview and greater efficiency. We even enable recycling of the milled material directly on the construction site. In short: we develop all you need for a truly sustainable construction site. Furthermore, we are constantly working to improve the protection of machine operators and job site local residents with our innovations.


Electric drive

Full e-performance on the construction site
Our construction machinery with battery-powered electric drives make construction even more sustainable by combining alternative electric drives with ample power: Our BOMAG BT 60 e tamper, for example, stands out with the same compaction performance as the petrol-powered version. 

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Hybrid drives

Hybrid for the sustainable construction site of the future
Unleash the full potential of your construction site – with hybrid drives that combine sustainability and efficiency. The best example of this is our BW 174 heavy-duty tandem roller with hybrid technology. Thanks to its hydraulic accumulator, it releases all the energy required when demand is at a maximum but regulates the engine accordingly when demand is low. As a result, it requires only 54 kW instead of 74 kW.

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An overview for the sustainable construction site
Avoid unnecessary passes with BOMAP. The smart app from BOMAG creates a compaction map of your construction site, making it more efficient to navigate. This makes it easy to reduce the number of passes and thus also fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and wear. 

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Intelligent and sustainable compaction
ASPHALT MANAGER is smart - enabling you to enjoy sustainable efficiency and quality. Machine operators simply select the layer thickness to be compacted. The machine then automatically adapts the compaction process to the surface conditions. This cuts working time, fuel consumption and machine wear - while process transparency increases quality.
Our machine operator training sessions ensure you get the most out of the technology - for a good start on the sustainable construction site of the future. 

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Fuel-efficient machinery for your construction site
In addition to our alternative drives, we are also protecting the climate with clever and efficient engine technology. BOMAG has developed two technologies for this purpose: ECOMODE and ECOSTOP.

ECOMODE cuts the fuel consumption of construction machinery by up to 30% by operating the engines in the optimum RPM range. With no loss of performance and low wear and tear. 
ECOSTOP regulates the idling operation of our sustainable construction machines, which accounts for around 50% of the engine’s total operating time. Our technology shuts down the engine after 10 minutes of idling to reduce emissions and extend the service life of the drive components.

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A sustainable overview
Enjoy an all-round overview of your fleet: with TELEMATIC, the smart solution from BOMAG. The technology bundles data on fuel consumption, the use of drive control (ECOMODE) and idling times (ECOSTOP). This shows you at a glance whether your savings potential is being fully exploited.

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Smart construction machinery
First and foremost, a sustainable construction site means taking responsibility – for your employees, residents and the environment. BOMAG's ION DUST SHIELD technology helps you do just that. It eliminates 80% of particulate matter emissions caused by the cold planing of old road surfaces.

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Intelligent and sustainable compaction
High temperatures are indispensable in asphalt construction - but they are also real energy guzzlers. There’s a simple solution: nearly all our pavers are fitted with the MAGMALIFE screed heating system. The integrated aluminium plates enable a three times quicker heat-up time than conventional systems - while consuming less energy.The material also ensures efficient distribution and storage of heat.
The heating elements cast into the aluminium block are protected from damage and maintenance-free. This means less waste.

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BOMAG construction machinery conserves resources
A construction site can only truly be sustainable if it makes careful use of finite resources. This is a challenge we particularly address in our core area of operation: the renewal of roads and paths and their associated processes. You, too, can make your road renewals more sustainable – with BOMAG cold planers, recyclers and stabilizers and by reusing road construction materials. 

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Used Equipment

We extend the service life of your machine
All construction machinery from the BOMAG Used Equipment range is comprehensively serviced before resale and maintained to a high standard of quality through the use of original spare parts.
Drawing on the expertise of BOMAG experts, the service life of a construction machine can be almost doubled. The resources already invested in producing the machine are then utilised to the maximum, extending the machine's service life and significantly improving the ecological balance.

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