Turning asphalt road construction into smart construction.

Road construction made easy. ASPHALT PRO supports paving planning and optimises the paving process.

ASPHALT PRO can be operated intuitively and used regardless of the manufacturer. The software helps to plan and optimise the entire paving process.

ASPHALT PRO enables site managers to significantly reduce the planning effort for an upcoming road construction project, monitor the ongoing paving process and, if necessary, quickly take countermeasures. Access is possible at any time from anywhere: the system is cloud-based, so only requires an internet connection.

The software calculates the mix requirement, communicates with the mixing plant, shows the fastest transport routes to the asphalt construction site, and passes process changes on to the mixing plant and truck drivers. It enables the efficient and smooth supply of mix and non-stop asphalt paving.

ASPHALT PRO requires no additional special hardware. The asphalt paving software solution is ready for immediate use. It stands out with its clear menu navigation and focuses on the key parameters: Temperature and mass. The paving process in quality road construction is always trackable and transparent.

ASPHALT PRO's ingeniously simple operating concept makes integrating other BOMAG digital products easy.

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ASPHALT PRO is the perfect project planning assistant. It reduces planning effort and can make it much easier for inexperienced project managers to get started in asphalt road construction. Planning reliability is assured at all times, thanks to the guided input.

  • ASPHALT PRO determines volumes and masses. The planning is based on pre-measurement of the site. The input can be performed manually or by importing 3D and survey information via Excel.
  • The job site can be divided into construction sections when entering the layers, paving thicknesses and density information. Individual parameters can be assigned to the individual sections. ASPHALT PRO then automatically calculates the total mix requirement.
  • A cross-check with the available mixing plants near the construction site, and their maximum production capacity already takes place at this point. ASPHALT PRO calculates a realistic and efficient paving and logistics concept, including construction scheduling broken down into paving days.


Information for the mixing plant: ASPHALT PRO transmits the material requirements in real time, either automatically in accordance with the planning or adapted to the course of the project. Automated messages reduce the manual coordination effort and significantly increase process reliability.

  • ASPHALT PRO sets the pace for mix production. Those responsible at the mixing plants know exactly how much material needs to be delivered.
  • Disruptions and planning changes are passed on immediately. If the mix transport to the site or asphalt paving is delayed, all involved are informed at once.
  • ASPHALT PRO can store data such as mix type, loading temperature, unloaded tonnage and much more. The software saves digital delivery notes as e-tickets in the system.
  • Optionally available in the future: the foreman confirms the delivery on the construction site with his digital signature.
  • In addition, ASPHALT PRO enables the analysis of capacity utilisation of the integrated mixing plants at the end of the working day.


Based on the material requirements, ASPHALT PRO automatically plans and calculates the delivery scheduling in real time. The software sends information regarding the loading time at the mixing plant and the planned arrival time directly to the truck drivers. Quick adjustments to a changing project schedule can be made at any time.

  • ASPHALT PRO calculates the truck schedules according to mix demand as well as the available mixing plants and their locations, taking into account the actual turnaround times.
  • ASPHALT PRO tracks the entire truck fleet via GPS, helps each driver navigate to the site and informs the site manager of estimated arrival times, breaks, disruptions and route deviations.
  • The truck drivers receive all important information via the ASPHALT PRO app: When do I have to be where? When is loading at the mixing plant, when unloading at the construction site? Is there a problem on my route?
  • ASPHALT PRO documents the delays and disruptions in the sequence of operations. It thus provides a sound basis for optimisations and adjustments – for paving planning and logistics on the subsequent paving days.


ASPHALT PRO enables virtually trouble-free paving. The site manager has a clear overview of how much has already been paved, how much mix is currently on the road, and when the next load will arrive. Display and calculation take place in real time. Every change updates the entire operational planning.

  • The constant comparison of target and actual figures enables forward planning. Unplanned paver stops due to a lack of mix can be practically ruled out.
  • The message function informs all involved directly about changes to the plan or disruptions. The coordination effort is automatically reduced to a minimum. The paving speed remains constant, high quality and the best paving results are achieved.
  • ASPHALT PRO allows continuous quality documentation. The data or measured values from Surface Covering Dynamic Compaction control (SCDCC) with BOMAP can also be integrated into the documentation: Compaction passes, temperature, EVIB value, frequency, effective amplitude.
  • All values can be assigned. Full traceability of the material batch is possible: from mix production, delivery and paving to the compacted asphalt.


Good, forward-looking planning with ASPHALT PRO can reduce paving stops to a minimum. An optimised paving concept results in lower overall costs, while the higher paving quality means fewer subsequent demands.

  • The dashboard can be individually configured in ASPHALT PRO, giving the site manager a constant overview of the decisive process parameters.
  • All live data collected by the machines and the site data can be merged. Deviations from the original paving plan become immediately apparent through the interactive analysis, and optimisation potential for the next day is highlighted.
  • Furthermore, important individual installation conditions can be stored and taken into account in ASPHALT PRO for a forward-looking paving concept: high-voltage power line, turning area, washing station, etc.
BOMAG ASPHALT PRO improves and simplifies asphalt road construction processes.

On the construction site, both the result and quality must be right. Time and costs are equally important. ASPHALT PRO makes it very easy to link all process-relevant data and network all those involved in the paving process and planning. ASPHALT PRO works with any make and, of course, with BOMAG feeders, pavers and rollers for asphalt road construction. That's how digitisation in road construction works today.

ASPHALT PRO simply makes paving planning easier: over days, weeks, and months.

And with ASPHALT PRO, the site manager maintains a clear overview even in multi-project management. Parallel construction sites can be synchronised, and the required resources perfectly coordinated.

The ASPHALT SITE software version is also perfectly tailored to the everyday challenges of quality road construction. Because the following also applies to smaller construction sites: continuous asphalt paving without interruptions is the key to best results and greater profitability.


The right technology for your application.

Every job is different: Even for experienced users, every construction site poses a new challenge. Our experts are happy to advise you on the right machine and the optimum technology so that your project comes to a successful conclusion. Arrange for a consultation now.