Recyclers & stabilizers

Cold recyclers, soil stabilizers: uniquely versatile.

By using our cold recyclers and soil stabilisers, project times can be significantly shortened, resources saved and costs substantially reduced.

Their deployment makes sense on many jobsites as they offer an economically and environmentally attractive option for road and large industrial construction projects. Their use eliminates the need to replace or remove material.


3 Results
Emission stage Stage IV / TIER4f
Weight 39,000 lb
Performance 350.0 hp
Emission stage Stage V / TIER4f
Weight 53,352 lb
Performance 455.9 hp
Emission stage TIER 4f
Weight 61,509 lb
Performance 643.7 hp

Cold recyclers and soil stabilizers by BOMAG.

BOMAG recyclers and stabilizers are suitable for cold recycling as well as for base stabilization and subsoil improvement. With FLEXMIX, BOMAG has also developed a technology that allows for infinitely adjustable crushing (granulation) and optimal mixing of the material to be recycled.BOMAG cold recyclers and soil stabilizers equipped with FLEXMIX have three adjustment flaps on the rotor hood. Depending on the flap settings, it is possible to display the entire spectrum from "maximum mixing performance" to the "highest mixing quality".

BOMAG soil stabilizers and cold recyclers – powerful forward drive and outstanding handling.

And that even on heavy subgrade, thanks to the unique design principle with articulated joint, rear-axle steering and powerful all-wheel drive. If the stabilizer is equipped with a milling rotor that can be extended beyond the edge of the wheel on both sides, it is also possible to easily mill and mix right up to the very edge of a road or even directly on steep slopes.

BOMAG cold recyclers: an economically and ecologically attractive solution.

With cold recycling, the existing material is milled off, homogeneously crushed (granulated) and recycled into a new base course with the addition of binders. Cold recycling is particularly resource efficient. In road construction, the method is a sustainable and economical alternative to complete reconstruction, which requires the removal of all pavement layers. Cold recycling can achieve considerable cost savings in track and motorway reconstruction projects, especially due to the significantly lower energy requirements resulting from the elimination of material transports for both the removed and the new material.

The mix-in-place method.

The binders are worked into the subsoil material using the “mix-in-place" process. The road to be reconstructed or the existing soil is torn up to a depth of 60 cm with the tiller. Cement, water, bitumen emulsion or foam bitumen are used to produce a hydraulically bound base course. With the mix-in-place method, binders are worked into the subgrade material. The road to be reconstructed or the existing soil is tilled to a depth of up to 60 cm using a ground milling machine. Cement, water, bitumen emulsion or foam bitumen are used to produce a hydraulically bound base course. The material and binder are mixed homogeneously in the mixing chamber of the soil stabilizer. The recycled base course then only needs to be profiled and compacted with a BOMAG roller.

BOMAG soil stabilizers – for base stabilization, soil improvement in road construction and soil consolidation.

The aim of base stabilization measures is to increase the compactability and thus the soil’s load-bearing capacity while protecting it from water penetration. By adding lime, a moderately load-bearing capacity subgrade can be transformed into soil with good compactability.In base stabilization, the binder (lime or fly ash) is first pre-spread and then mixed into the soil with the milling rotor of the soil stabilizer. The binder significantly reduces the moisture content of the existing soil, thereby greatly improving the compaction properties of the subgrade.

The use of cement as a binding agent in soil consolidation.

The aim: to increase the load-bearing capacity of the soil as part of subsoil improvement measures. This process is also referred to as cement or mortar stabilization.


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