In the company.

Sustainable management.

BOMAG is also firmly committed to sustainability within the company: we regularly conduct energy audits with external auditors to review and assess our energy management. Because our goal is to make comprehensive energy management the standard in mechanical engineering.

We measure and monitor the energy flows at our Boppard headquarters. In addition, we are continuously improving processes and structures throughout the plant, also with the help of an external energy consultant. We are developing solutions to further reduce our carbon footprint and working towards even greater sustainability in all areas: from optimised waste streams to e-mobility in our vehicle fleet.

Waste & recycling management

Experts in waste – internally and externally
Protecting the environment is better when we do it together, which is why we have joined forces with our long-term partner in building services to devise and implement a comprehensive in-house waste management concept at our headquarters in Boppard, Germany. This enables all waste to be separated and recycled more effectively. It also creates transparent waste streams that are easier to record, track and optimise.

Paint shop and powder coating

Showing your colours sustainably
Whether BOMAG yellow or a custom finish, colour is one of the highlights of our construction machines. That's why the painting and powder coating processes are also an important aspect in our efforts towards greater sustainability.

We are constantly working with our paint manufacturers to optimise the powder coating – for energy savings with consistent quality. Our driver's cabs, for example, are fully built and powder-coated in our factory. This saves transport costs and emissions.

Our powder coatings are processed without solvents - so no aerosols are produced. This protects both our employees and the environment at the company. In addition, our paint booths are equipped with heat recovery systems. This improves our internal energy management and conserves valuable resources.


Energy management in mechanical engineering made easy
We are systematically converting the lighting systems in all our factory halls - tailored to the condition of the respective system and requirements of the workplaces there. This enables us to ensure the best lighting conditions and, at the same time, optimise energy management. By renewing the lighting system in one hall, we achieved a 46% power rating reduction. The replaced light fittings also require no cleaning, which has a positive effect on their environmental impact. And on our energy consumption.

In addition to the positive effects for the environment, our new lighting solutions also contribute to improved working conditions and increased occupational safety, because a steady lighting level results in a better working environment.


Vehicle fleet & charging infrastructure
Rethinking old habits takes you further - which is why BOMAG has been backing electric mobility for several years. On our company premises, fully electric vehicles are in operation, while on long-distance trips, we get from A to B sustainably using hybrid drives.

We are working on further expanding our e-vehicle fleet in the future.

Sharing knowledge, saving energy

BOMAG is part of an energy efficiency and climate protection network.

Our employees responsible for this area meet regularly with energy experts from the affiliated companies to jointly explore opportunities and drive forward specific measures. Our work in the network is supported by external experts.

The meetings are held to exchange experience and share know-how on a regular basis. The aim is to further increase energy efficiency to stay competitive internationally and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

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