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BAUMA 2019

Our Innovations

Future-proof: Gas makes you mobile

From 2019, the Stage V emissions standard will apply to construction machinery within the European Union. At bauma 2019, we will be demonstrating three different drive solutions that you can select individually, using the example of a BW 120 lightweight tandem roller. A particular highlight is the future-oriented design study with a 30-kW gas engine. Whether in city centres, trenches or tunnels - stricter guidelines will in future increase the demands placed on engine and emissions technology. In Munich, we will present concrete solutions based on real-world technologies. These cover themes such as an efficient diesel engine with a particulate filter, emission reductions, and an environmentally friendly gas-powered drive. We invite you to discuss the alternatives with us.

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Paver with new operating concept

Road construction is precision work. To achieve the best result, the paver operator needs to have everything perfectly under control at all times. We will therefore be presenting an innovative operating concept for our second-generation chain drive pavers. Comfort, ergonomics, and ease of operation are the top priorities. Take the chance to sit in the comfortable multi-function seat yourself and test the ergonomic controls integrated into the arm consoles, first hand at our stand.

Ion Dust Shield for cold milling machines:
Particulate matter turns into harmless flakes

On construction sites, a lot of visible dust is produced, as well as invisible particulate matter that is harmful to the respiratory tract. This is also the case with cold milling for the removal and subsequent recycling of old road surfaces. With our Ion Dust Shield technology for all cold milling machines from the 1-metre class, we  are now the first manufacturer to offer a solution that turns dust displacement into dust reduction, thus protecting both the operator and the environment. Pay us a visit and see for yourself.

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Digital on-site expert assistance: Bomag Remote Service Assistant

We aim to make our maintenance and repair service even better and quicker for you worldwide with a digital 'Service Communication Platform'. With the 'Remote Service Assistant', service technicians can request direct support from experts in the back office. Whenever required, development engineers investigate the problem personally and find a solution live and directly on site. This saves time, travel costs, and downtimes for construction machinery. In addition, the service case can be fully retraced and documented for all parties. The platform pools all files centrally and securely, including text, image and video files as well as chat history.

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Any weather: More comfort on tandem rollers

Who enjoys working in all wind and weather? The weather protection cab for the lightweight BW 138 tandem roller from Bomag ensures a high level of operating comfort. The weather  protection cab is glazed at the front and rear, so the roller operator always sits in the dry. The integrated seat heating quickly ensures a cosy working environment in winter or rainy weather. This allows operators to fully concentrate on their work, whether it is a new road construction project or repair work.

If you already have a Bomag light tandem roller in your fleet, you needn't forego the improved operating comfort for your roller drivers, because the weather protection cab is, of course, also available as a retrofit kit.

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New compact planers : Mastering every work process while sitting

The second-generation BOAMG cold planers make a convincing impression with numerous new functions and improvements in detail to increase ease of use and further boost productivity. A particular highlight of the second generation is the completely revised comfortable workspace. The entire platform, including the operating controls, is isolated from oscillation and thus free of any stressful vibrations. Both models are equipped with a powerful 105 kW diesel drive, which of course meets the stringent Stage 5 emissions standard, and is ready for EU emissions level V. With their working width of 500 mm or 600 mm, they are offering a further 20% increase in area output. With a milling depth of up to 210 mm, the machines cover a wide range of applications and impress users with their excellent milling performance, high flexibility and well-thought-out operating solutions.

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The diesel engine, hydraulic accumulator, and compaction system unite to form a highly efficient system solution. The highly efficient drive unit consists of a modern diesel engine, a hydraulic accumulator, and the Asphalt Manager. The hydraulic accumulator covers short-term peak loads, which occur e.g. when vibration is activated. This makes it possible to use a more compact motor and operate it in its range of optimum efficiency. The hybrid solution thus protects the environment and saves costs.

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