Slim design, efficient removal – New generation of large cold planers from BOMAG

Boppard, 1 September 2021: BOMAG launches its new BM/65 series of cold planers in early September 2021. With a CECE operating weight of only 27 tonnes, the BM 2000/65 is the lightest planer currently available in the 2-metre class. Its low weight achieved by the special lightweight design and the shorter conveyor belt now make the planers even more flexible to use. When it comes to efficiency, ease of operation and work safety, the new generation of planers features numerous innovative details.

The productivity of a cold planer depends heavily on the perfect interaction of all components. The operator is at the centre of the process and has to confidently monitor everything from the control station – from the cutting edge to the conveyor belt. In the new BM/65, an unobstructed view has become an essential part of the construction: The front contour's slim design and the position of the operator's platform make it easier to work precisely and safely. The flat rear profile optimised for visibility also increases safety when manoeuvring. The obscured area behind the machine can be viewed seamlessly with the camera system. The control platform itself can be moved steplessly by up to 200 mm, allowing the operator to easily keep an eye on the right cutting edge and the side plate.

The slim construction enables a tight turning radius of only 1.7 m, resulting in high flexibility and manoeuvrability. Combined with the latest generation of conveyor belts featuring a 130-degree swivel angle, the planer with the smallest milling radius in the 2-metre class makes loading the truck a simple task, even when milling in mini-roundabouts.

New standards in the 2-metre class

With a CECE operating weight of only 27 tonnes, BOMAG sets new standards in the 2-metre class. The reason for this is the greater flexibility and simplification of transport approval processes. Technically, it was made possible by the lightweight design of the machine and milling box. If greater weight is required, optional ballasting of up to 1.8 tonnes can be added ex works.

When collapsed, the BM/65 has a 650 mm shorter conveyor belt than other planers in the 2-metre class. In addition to its low weight, this is another reason for its ease of transport.

Operation: Simple and clear

Another new feature is the operation from the driver's platform: Short input paths and few submenus enable the machine settings to be accessed quickly and easily. Sensors and assistance systems are equally easy to select and use. All relevant information is presented clearly and easy-to-read on the two rugged 7-inch full-colour displays. The familiarisation process is minimised thanks to tried-and-tested, intuitive controls.

Efficiency that pays off

The 640 hp engine, which complies with Stage V and TIER 4f emission standards, is perfectly matched to the application with a milling gear tailored to the characteristics of the six-cylinder in-line engine. Together with the likewise optimised conveyor belt operation, this means that construction companies can count on consistently low operating costs with the new generation of BOMAG planers in their machine fleet.

In addition, the consumption and wear-optimised BMS15L exchange holder system saves 20% fuel and extends the cutting technology service life – without the need for additional, time-consuming and cost-intensive maintenance checks.

80% less particulate matter

Equipped with the Ion Dust Shield, the BM/65 renders fine dust particles with a grain size of less than 10 µm harmless. This is made possible by the innovative Ion Dust Shield technology: It transforms fine dust particles by means of electrical charging into harmless coarse dust that can be easily removed. This has been proven to reduce particulate matter by 80%, thus ensuring significantly cleaner air and protecting crews, residents, and passers-by. As a result, the Ion Dust Shield also contributes to significantly lower fine dust pollution during milling in the 2-metre class. The improved sealing and low-wear design also made it possible to create a particularly low-dust working environment for the operator.

With a capacity of 3,250 litres, the water tank never runs out of coolant for the cutting tools, even during lengthy work cycles. The two-part spray bar is designed to optimise consumption so that no water is wasted unnecessarily.

Low-maintenance operation and user-friendly service solutions

The water system, hydraulic valve block, milling drive and oil filter can all be reached via four easily accessible maintenance flaps. Engine and hydraulic filters can be changed safely and conveniently from the operator’s platform. The machine's modular design enables each unit to be checked, serviced or replaced individually. This shortens diagnostic, service and repair times. Diesel and AdBlue can be filled directly from the operator’s platform.


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