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BOMAG joins hands with MARINI, Breining and Dynapac as a member of the FAYAT Group to exhibit at the Bauma China 2018
Hall E2, booth # E2 110/510


BOMAG is the world’s leading manufacturer of compaction and road-building products with a worldwide dealership network of more than 500 dealers.

In addition to the plant in Boppard, Germany, BOMAG´s main production facilities are located in the USA, Italy and China. Since 2005, BOMAG plays a pivotal role in the road building equipment division of the FAYAT Group, France. With a focus on quality and its strong technological orientation, BOMAG today offers a wide product range to meet customers’ needs for construction projects throughout the world. BOMAG’s portfolio includes tampers, vibratory plates, hand-guided single and double drum rollers, self-propelled single drum rollers, tandem rollers, soil stabilizers & recyclers, milling machines, asphalt pavers and refuse/soil compactors. BOMAG’s products are widely used in the construction of roads, railways, water dams and airports as well as road maintenance and landfill compaction.

About Bauma China 2018

On a 1674 m2 area, 3 times bigger than previous one, with two digital corners to showcase digital services, a simulator, 3D animations and video assistance, BOMAG will present a host of products and technologies in the field of compaction, milling and paving to the public (Booth E2.110/510).

In the milling and paving segment, BOMAG will show 3 cold planers covering paving widths from 4 up to 11m, which are used for both road maintenance in confined areas as well as highway construction or overhauls. (BF300P / BF800C / BF900C). BOMAG´s cold planers (BM500-15 / BM1300-35T3 / BM2000-60), which will be shown during the exhibition, cover widths from 0.5 m up to 2 m. Especially BOMAG´s cold planer BM1300-35/T3, which debuts on BAUMA CHINA’s stage, will attract visitors’ eyes beyond doubt.

Customer values are always the main driving force of BOMAG´s development. Higher performance, reliability, operating comfort and minimum servicing is our goal. BOMAG´s intelligent compaction system ECONOMIZER can further assist our customers to improve the quality of their work, and at the same time reduce their overall operating costs. More efficient compaction means less investment, less wear and tear, less fuel consumption and higher daily output.

ASPHALT MANAGER 2 – more application flexibility

With the success of the ASPHALT MANAGER system on heavy tandem rollers, BOMAG has advanced the system to its 2nd generation. The ASPHALT MANAGER 2 offers more user flexibility in terms of applications on roads, bridges and other job sites that are sensitive to vibration.

The ASPHALT MANAGER 2 provides more configuration options as the previous generation, such as the introduction of Prof. mode in addition to fully automatic mode and manual mode. The prof. mode allows contractors to set Evib values according to the materials the machine compacts and to the asphalt´s surface temperature.

Less experienced users of the BOMAG ASPHALT MANAGER system can choose fully automatic mode. The system provides different levels of compaction, depending on the characteristics of the asphalt mix.

For special fields of application like compaction on bridges or other vibration-sensitive job sites, the operators can choose bridge compaction mode.

The system is easy to use. Each icon on the display screen is self-explanatory and easy to understand. The operator can start operating the system after a short introduction.

BOMAG BM 2000/60-2 cold planer – redefining performance in the 600 hp Class

The BM 2000/60-2 has a 2-meter milling width and is powered by an 8-cylinder DEUTZ water-cooled engine with 440 kW. With an operating weight of 30,3 t, the machine can mill as deep as 32 cm. Thanks to its pressurized milling side plates, the BM 2000/60-2 guarantees a precisely milled surface and accurate milling depth control. The control of the milling depth and the cross slope is achieved by the “Intelplanner”, which is standard.

The operating comfort is well considered as always. The BOMAG Advanced Comfort System (A.C.S) features a completely vibration-isolated operator’s platform. The whole platform is independently mounted on a vibration cushion, which eliminates hazardous vibrations during operation.

The BM 2000/60-2 is equipped with a large-capacity 1,200 l water tank as a standard, which allows long continuous work without the need to stop for refilling.

BOMAG paver BF 800 C – 10 m paver with long-term customer value built in

The BF 800 C is designed for working on highways where a maximum paving width of 10 m and a more powerful engine is required.

The BF 800 C is powered by a 135 kW DEUTZ water-cooled engine. The 3.360 mm long wheelbase is the longest in its class, which provides an extra area for the crawler track to deliver ample traction force and stability during the loading of material in the hopper. Besides, the long wheelbase can level out ground unevenness better to ensure the smoothness of the surface.

Customers can choose between two types of screeds with hydraulic extensions. The basic widths are 2.5 m and 3 m. The BOMAG hydraulic extended screed is the heaviest in its class. Together with the tamper vibration of the BF 800 C, the heavy weight helps to achieve a high pre-compaction. The base plate of the screed is 400 mm wide, which guarantees a smooth surface finish.

To ensure a quick and homogeneous heating of the screed, it is electrically heated by a single-section heating element with a long service life.

For the optimum operator’s view to observe the front and rear of the machine during operation, the whole platform can be moved to the left and right with a maximum overhang of 40 cm, thanks to the BOMAG SIDEVIEW System. In addition, the operator´s seat is fully adjustable to obtain the best operating view.

Each function is controlled by toggle switches, which can be replaced at very low costs and are easy to obtain in case of unexpected break-down.

The control of the machine is easy to understand by following the instructive icons on the control panel, there are no complicated screens or menus. The operators can familiarize themselves easily with the use of the machine.