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Feeder BMF 2500 S (Tier 3): Paving the way.


Efficiency and reliability combined: BMF 2500.

The BMF 2500 is a feeder which optimises material delivery in a safe, efficient and reliable manner. With exceptionally high output, the unit can convey a 27 tonne lorry load of crushed rock, sand or asphalt in only 35 seconds. This saves time and operating costs.

  • Long conveyor belt service life:

The chain-reinforced conveyor belt guarantees reliable operation with no downtime. No need to re-tension during operation and the unit is temperature-independent. The roller chain ensures reliable feed of material at a high output of 4,000 tonnes per hour.

  • Scrapers:

Robust scrapers clean the conveyor belt thoroughly. The split design enables the whole width of the conveyor belt to be cleaned.

  • Belt versions:

The belts are available in three versions:

  1. BMF 2500 S with a short belt
  2. BMF 2500 M with a medium-length belt
  3. BMF 2500 S Offset with slewable conveyor belt for the short version
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Emission stage Stage IIIa / TIER3
Capacity 4.000 t/h
Weight 20.000 kg

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Parts Catalogue for Light Equipment

Fields of application

On site: BOMAG BMF 2500.

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Wherever it is wanted: The BMF 2500 handles every job reliably and accurately.


The BOMAG BMF 2500 feeder delivers uniform and constant material to the paver, reducing paving times and improving the quality of the finished job. The outstanding features of the BOMAG BMF 2500 feeder are its high output and compact design.

Call up the status of your vehicles from your computer or tablet. Full transparency at all times for your machine fleet with the new BOMAG TELEMATIC app for PC, iOS and Android devices.

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  • Operator’s platform
  • 2 driver’s seats slewable and rotatable
  • Protection, dashboard
  • Adjustable dashboard
  • Hydraulically foldable roof
  • Digital display for machine management
  • Weather protection roof
    • Tractive unit
  • Fuel tank 300 litres
  • Individual control of bucket flaps
  • Track chain scraper
  • Rubber floor plates
  • Hydraulic hopper front flap
  • Cleaning kit
  • Pre-installation of swivelling conveyor
    • Conveyor belt
  • Central lubrication of conveyor belt chain
  • Scraper for conveyor belt
  • Automatic conveyor belt cleaning system
    • Assistance systems
  • On-board tool
  • Automatic distance control
  • Automatic loading assistant
  • Laptop Station
    • Miscellaneous
  • 7 Halogen working lights
  • Flashing beacon
  • Backup alarm
  • 2 x 24 V sockets
  • 1 x 12 V socket
  • Storage compartments


  • Operator’s platform
  • Weather protection for platform
  • Comfort seat with seat heating
  • Height adjustable lift platform
    • Tractive unit
  • Special paint finish
  • Bio-degradable hydraulic oil
  • Camera system
  • Signal lamp system
    • Conveyor belt
  • Slewable belt (only for model BMF 2500 S)
  • Slewable belt covering
  • LED lighting for slewable conveyor
  • Camera system for slewable belt
  • Hydraulic height adjustment for conveyor belt
    • Assistance systems
  • Automatic steering (max. 14.0 M)
  • Automatic steering (max. 10.0 M)
    • Miscellaneous
  • Fleet management BOMAG TELEMATIC
  • Illumination balloon (24 V, 250 W)
  • LED Roof illumination
  • LED Illumination of short and medium conveyor belts
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Coming Home light function
  • Illumination of engine compartment

Further data on request / All data subject to change / Illustrations may contain optional features

Maintenance and Service

All-round service all over the world.

With every BMF 2500 S, you enjoy superior technology plus top-notch service. Our service concept has a clear objective: less maintenance, less downtime, lower costs. Therefore unnecessary maintenance points have been removed from the BMF 2500, and necessary points have been made more accessible. Regardless of where your machine is operating: We are there when you need us. We are your reliable global partner, with 12 subsidiaries worldwide and over 500 dealers in more than 120 countries. Central BOMAG logistics guarantees a high and speedy availability of original parts.


Operating hour warranty.

Safety is the number one priority: This is not only valid for our machines. Protect yourself from unexpected costs even after expiry of the legal warranty. By means of our extended warranties you receive perfect protection for up to 36 months.

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Original parts and service

Quality is the best protection for your investment.

When it says BOMAG on a machine, you can expect real quality. This applies to both our original parts and our service. When you choose a BOMAG machine, you choose top quality every time. Original parts and service are there to protect your investment. This is the way to ensure one hundred percent machine power and availability – and ultimately the productivity and cost-effectiveness of your company. BOMAG offers a range of service products to keep you on the road.

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Parts Catalogue for Light Equipment