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Highway paver BF 800 C-2: Born for the road.


Highway paver: Even builds roads for aeroplanes.

Our heavyweight machines for heavyweight projects. Used wherever high laying performance is required: on motorways, for example, or even on the runway of a major airport.

  • Highest pre-compaction of up to 95% by means of an infinite vibration and tamper frequency

  • Longest crawler tracks guarantee best traction

  • The innovative BOMAG systems ECOMODE, MAGMALIFE, QUICK COUPLING and SIDEVIEW ensure optimal safety and cost-efficiency

  • Very long levelling plates for perfect asphalt evenness

  • Proportional control of the augers and conveyor belts by means of ultrasonic sensors

  • Load control system (L.C.S.) for the screed

  • Easy and safe transportation due to the hydraulically lowerable roof and the fast fixing of the screed for transport

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Emission stage Stage IV / TIER4f
Capacity 800 t/h
Weight 21.300 kg

Fields of application

Asphalt paving with BOMAG pavers guarantees the highest efficiency and quality in road construction.

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With BOMAG pavers you can choose the optimal road paver for your application from a wide range of products (5-21 t). We offer a vast array of machines and equipment from the flexibly-deployable pedestrian road paver to the heavy-duty paver.


Consistent quality management and unique technical systems such as MAGMALIFE, QUICK COUPLING and ECOMODE also make the BOMAG pavers unbeatable in terms of cost.

BOMAG offers its customers an economical way of paving in the form of the new ECOMODE. It is an active engine and hydraulics management system which saves up to 20% fuel, significantly reduces noise and has a lower negative impact on the environment. Even in the rough surroundings of a construction site, intelligent electronics pay off.

Pre-compaction with the BOMAG high-performance screed is the result of combining the vibration of the screed plates and the frequency of the tampers. By using the high dead weight of the screed and the extra depth of the screed plates, exceptional pre-compaction values are achieved. The degree of pre-compaction can be individually adjusted by varying the frequencies for the compaction units and tamper bar.

High temperatures are absolutely crucial in asphalt construction. With MAGMALIFE, we have redefined screed heating. All the heating rods are cast into one aluminium block. Because of the metal’s excellent thermal conductivity, the heat-up time is significantly shorter so that paver and team are ready for operation more quickly.

The operating console and seat form a variably adjustable unit. The entire control stand can be shifted to the left and right with a maximum overhang of 60 cm. Then you can focus on what matters most in the driver’s cab: optimal visibility of the edge of the machine, the hopper, the auger and the screed. Every function can be selected directly on the operating consoles. All the switches are arranged logically and ergonomically. Our road pavers can be operated after just a brief introduction without the need for time consuming training courses.

Call up the status of your vehicles from your computer or tablet. Full transparency at all times for your machine fleet with the new BOMAG TELEMATIC app for PC, iOS and Android devices.



  • Operator compartment
  • Driver‘s seat: with swivel and side-shift
  • Dashboard protection
  • Hydraulic hinged roof
  • Digital display for machine Management
    • Tractor
  • Separate control of hopper wings
  • Cleaning kit
  • Hydraulic, height adjustable auger
  • Track scraper
  • 2 proportionally controlled and reversible wear-resistant cast augers, screw blades separately replaceable
  • 2 independent and reversible scraper belts, high-wear resistant plates
  • Rubber track pads
    • Screed
  • L.C.S. Screed relief and traction increase system
  • Screed temperature control
  • MAGMALIFE Aluminium heating plates
  • MAGMALIFE Automatic screed heating
  • Hydraulic screed lock
  • Crown adjustment
  • Side control of auger/scraper belts
    • Other
  • Tools
  • 8 work lights
  • 30 kVA generator
  • Socket 2 x 240 volt


  • Operator compartment
  • Hydraulic/electric movable SIDEVIEW platform
  • Windscreened platform
  • Lateral Weather protection
  • Comfort seat
  • Seat heating
  • Asphalt steam extraction
    • Tractor
  • LED roof working lights
  • Central lubrication system
  • Optional paint finish
  • Biologically degradable hydraulic oil
  • Hydraulic hopper front flap
  • Dampened push rollers
    • Screed
  • Hydraulic sideplates
  • Hydraulic crown adjustment
  • Hinged side plates
  • Heated side plates
  • S 500 + S 600 extensions: 250 mm, 500 mm, 750 mm, 1250 mm
  • Dosing plates
  • Reduction shoes
  • Edge shaper 45°/60°
    • Levelling systems
  • Height and cross-slope sensing by means of ultrasonic or mechanical sensors
    • Other
  • Fleet management BOMAG TELEMATIC
  • Ballon light

Further data on request / All data subject to change / Illustrations may contain optional features

Maintenance with a concept

Virtually maintenance-free.

The simplest and most cost-effective service is the one that isn’t necessary. The maintenance of our road pavers is as simple as their operation. As every function is controlled by its own switch, every switch can also be replaced separately. The engine compartment with the hydraulic systems is easily accessible from every side, and all the filters can be reached comfortably and centrally from one side. Good ideas, such as the fully automated central lubrication system, contribute to the remark­ably long maintenance intervals of our pavers. To keep any downtimes as short as possible, we offer carefully selected maintenance and emergency kits.

Extended warranties

Play it safe.

Peace of mind is priority number one: This not only applies to our machines. Protect yourself from unexpected costs even after expiry of the legal warranty. With our extended warranties, you receive all-round protection for up to 36 months.

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Original parts and service

Quality is the best protection for your investment.

When you see BOMAG on a machine, you can expect real quality. This applies both to our original parts and our service. Opting for a BOMAG means choosing top quality every time. Original parts and service are there to protect your investment. They ensure 100% machine power and availability – and ultimately the productivity and cost-effectiveness of your company. BOMAG offers a range of service products to keep you on the road.

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