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Cold planer

Cold planer BM 500/15: The new definition of productivity and comfort.


BOMAG planer: The future of cold planing is here.

As the first compact planers of this type, the BM 500/15 and BM 600/15 combine innovative milling technology based on new rotor geometry with unrivalled operator comfort. A key feature is the fully vibration-insulated operator's platform that, for the first time, enables work to be performed from an ergonomic seated position. An experienced planer driver can operate this machine after only five minutes of instruction. An operating concept that is easy to understand and self-explanatory. Furthermore, the user-friendly control panel offers comprehensive operating aids such as:

• water saving mode

• load limit control

• traction control

The driver can thus fully concentrate on the job without fatigue. This simple concept prevents operating errors, which benefits the quality and speed of work conducted.

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Emission stage Stage IIIb / TIER4i
Weight 7.700 kg
Performance 105,0 kW

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Parts Catalogue for Light Equipment

Fields of application

Asphalt milling is a method for removing specified layers of asphalt road pavements.

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BOMAG cold milling machines are designed for selective milling of lane and ground linings made up of a wide range of asphalt and concrete compounds. The different models are particularly suited for repairs or the complete removal of motorways and major federal roads, and for agricultural roads and inner-city work including work on roundabouts. With different working and milling depths, large areas can be removed quickly and completely in one work stage.


Our machines contain both power and performance. To deliver maximum productivity we invest heavily in perfecting our milling drums, holder systems and cutting tools.

This adds more cutting tools. Due to the high density of the cutting tools, fine milling creates a very fine surface texture and a low thickness up to 40 mm / 1.57 inch. Fine milling drums are used to increase the skid resistance of smooth road surfaces which have been “polished” by traffic. They can at the same time remove light ruts and uneven areas. In addition, these drums can be used to prepare sites for laying thin layers, to remove road markings and for fine milling of floor surfaces inside buildings.

Cutting power per tool increases and pulverised material fragments are larger. Because of the reduced crushing effect in the milled material, energy is saved which can lead to a faster travel speed or lower fuel consumption. At the same time, the cutter has lower wear because the faster advance rate means the impact time of the cutting tools is reduced and they generate less heat. POWER DRUMS not only offer milling performance which is up to 30% higher than standard milling drums, they also provide lower wear and reduced fuel consumption. The line spacing of the cutters on the POWER DRUM is relatively wide and the surface structure created by milling is rough and coarse. POWER DRUMS are used to plane hard materials and for complete removal of asphalt pavements.

They can be used for multiple applications on a variety of milling jobs. The standard milling drum can be used for complete removal of whole road surfaces as well as for planing individual layers. The applications for standard planers extend from the removal of small sections of road (patches) to major surfacing work and road repairs, including milling duct trenches. The milled surface is an ideal base for laying new asphalt layers.

Call up the status of your vehicles from your computer or tablet. Full transparency at all times for your machine fleet with the new BOMAG TELEMATIC app for PC, iOS and Android devices.



  • Milling technology
  • Milling Drum LA15
  • 3 Milling-Drum-speeds
  • Proportional adjustable water injection
  • Automatic water-saving device
  • Wear-free, digital Milling-depth-display
  • Proportional Milling-depth-adjustment
  • Two proportional speeds for Milling-depthadjustment
  • Hydraulically operated side-plates
  • Hydraulically operated front mouldboard
  • Rear mouldboard with adjustable pre-load-pressure
  • Right side-plate for fast Drum-exchange
  • Automatic load-control
  • Automatic distribution of traction
    • Drive Systems
  • 3-Wheel drive
  • Right rear wheel foldable from operator place
  • Variable transport speed
  • Variable operating speed
  • Mechanical Drum drive
    • Operation comfort
  • Fully vibration-isolated operator-platform
  • Comfort-workstation for sitting operation
  • Seat heating
  • Ergonomic adjustable operator seat, 45° to slew
  • Ergonomic adjustable steering wheel / column
  • Height- adjustable arm-rest with integrated ergonomic operation panel
  • Self-explanatory, well-arranged dashboard
  • Large storage at ground level
  • Service- and maintenance-points ergonomic concentrated
    • Safety & environmental protection
  • Whisper-package for noise elimination
  • Liquid cooled engine following latest emission rules
  • Back-up-alarm
  • Two driving lights
  • variable working-lights
  • Rotary-beacon
  • CE-conform safety-package with emergency-stop-switches
  • Mirror
  • Vandalism protection


  • Basic machine
  • 4-Wheel-version
  • Weather protection roof
  • Splitted Scraper
  • Port for hydraulik breaker
  • Road lights
  • Additional working-light, plug in
  • Additional working-light, magnet base
  • Special colour
  • Biodegradable hydraulic oil
    • Milling technology
  • Milling-Drum 600 LA15
  • POWER DRUM 500 LA20
  • Fine Milling-Drum 600 LA6
  • Milling drum 500 LA15
  • POWER DRUM 600 LA20
  • Fine Milling-Drum 500 LA6
  • Milling drum 400 LA14
  • Milling drum 300 LA14
    • Loading-system
  • Conveyor, long
  • Conveyor, long, hyd. foldable
  • Conveyor, short
    • Automatic Levelling systems
  • Levelling Basic, levelling-display, wire-rope sensor, controller (single grade)
  • Levelling Advanced 1, additional wire-rope sensor (dual grade)
  • Levelling Advanced 2, slope sensor
    • Others
  • Hydraulicbreaker
  • Transport trailer

Further data on request / All data subject to change / Illustrations may contain optional features

Maintenance with a concept

Maintenance, easy and fast.

Longevity and low maintenance are two essential design principles at BOMAG implemented in the smallest details, reducing service costs and non-productive time to a minimum. With BOMAG, all components for servicing are well positioned and freely accessible. This applies to tanks, service points in the engine compartment and work on the milling drum.

Extended warranties

Play it safe.

Peace of mind is priority number one: This not only applies to our machines. Protect yourself from unexpected costs even after expiry of the legal warranty. With our extended warranties, you receive all-round protection for up to 60 months.

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Original parts and service

Quality is the best protection for your investment.

When you see BOMAG on a machine, you can expect real quality. This applies both to our original parts and our service. Opting for a BOMAG means choosing top quality every time. Original parts and service are there to protect your investment. They ensure 100% machine power and availability – and ultimately the productivity and cost-effectiveness of your company. BOMAG offers a range of service products to keep you on the road.

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Parts Catalogue for Light Equipment