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Planer transport without a special permit

Large BOMAG cold planers can be dismantled for permit-free transport and reassembled on site in just a few simple steps. No other large planer is ready for operation again so soon after dismantling for transport: In less than 15 minutes, the planer and milling drum assembly unit are reassembled.

Boppard, 11.04.2016: Large and, at the same time heavy, planers provide better performance on many construction sites than compact models. Transport to the operating site, however, often undermines this advantage. Due to legal requirements regarding the permissible transport weight, large milling machines can often only be transported with a special permit. This places strict restrictions on both the transport route and on timing. The approval of the route sections always requires a certain lead time, severely restricting the contractor's ability to react flexibly to short-term enquiries. Delays often arise which can, in the worst case, bring the entire construction site to a halt.

Solution for rapid on site deployment

It is possible to get around a special permit by reducing the weight, i.e. by transporting the milling machine on two separate vehicles. The reassembly of the planer on site then becomes the critical time factor: He who assembles faster, mills sooner.

In the case of BOMAG cold milling machines with a working width of two meters or more, the heavy central milling drum assembly is simply disconnected, transported permit-free on a second truck, and reconnected at the destination in the time it takes for a coffee break. And that was that. This means the planer can be transported flexibly to any construction site - without applying for a special permit. For transport purposes, only a standard low-loader and hookloader is required.

Customer requirements included from an early stage

BOMAG rigorously plans and designs its machines from the outset for rapid deployment. Planer customers' wishes were already integrated directly in a very early stage of the product planning. Jointly conducted workshops placed flexible transport solutions into the centre of attention as an important quality factor. This enabled BOMAG's development engineers to focus on a fully integrated dismantling solution for transportation in the design phase already. The result is a coupling system that quickly and securely connects or disconnects the milling unit with the planer vehicle. The large milling machine can be separated with virtually no loss of time into two permit-free transport items and is ready for use again just as quickly.
Transport without a special permit: BOMAG planers and milling unit are transported to the site by standard low-loader and hookloader.

After dismantling for transport, a team of two requires less than 15 minutes to reassemble the BOMAG large milling machine and the ...

Planer transport without a special permit

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