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BOMAG at bauma 2016: Open-air area FS 1009
Gap in the market closed: BOMAG presents new recycler

At bauma 2016, BOMAG will present the stabilizer / recycler RS 500 for the first time. With its innovative machine concept, the developers have succeeded in closing a gap in the market. Because for the first time, the side-shift capability of the milling rotor makes it possible to mill up to the marginal areas of a road with wheel-based stabilizers / recyclers.

Boppard, 11.04.2016: It was not previously possible to reach 100% of the material with the rotor on this type of machine. Reduced quality or laborious working methods were therefore the compromise that was tolerated on construction sites worldwide. The sideways adjustable milling rotor of the RS 500, which extends beyond the wheel edge, reaches even marginal areas and the machine remains safely manoeuvrable, without the tyres having to work on unsuitable subsurface or the wheels colliding into existing road surfaces. The rotor can be to moved left or right over the wheel rim. This makes it possible to mill both edges of the road without missing any areas.

The machine concept is complemented by Flexmix technology developed by BOMAG, with which the material pulverisation can be adjusted steplessly. In contrast to the global standard, the RS 500 has an adjustable flap in the rotor cover. The milling material is shredded if required by the steplessly variable crushing bar to any desired target size. In contrast to other methods, this doesn't increase fuel consumption and the rotor wear remains very low.

Thanks to its height-adjustable cab and compact dimensions, the RS 500 is very easy to transport. With a transport height of 3.1 m, a total width of 2.55 m, and a length of 9.5 m, the machine can be easily placed on a low loader from one construction site to the next.

Due to the central, high working position and the extensive all-round glazing of the ROPS / FOPS cabin, the driver has excellent 360° visibility even without camera systems. This cabin concept as well as its intuitive operation enhances both safety and comfort for the driver.

The new RS 500 also features BOMAG's proven rotor drive concept. In this case, two planetary gears are driven by two hydraulic motors. This allows for easy adjustment to every construction site situation. If required, the hydraulics always work with the maximum engine power. The rotor is completed by the BRS 05 quick-change tool holder system. Designed specifically for stabilizers and recyclers, its function remains effective even under difficult conditions.

Trade fair highlight: The double-sided shift capability of the RS 500 milling rotor makes it possible to mill up to the marginal areas ...

BOMAG's proven rotor drive concept, where two planetary gears are driven by two hydraulic motors, allows for easy adjustment to ...
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