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The new BOMAG ASPHALT MANAGER II - Easier Compaction Management

Alongside the launch of its new "4th" generation pivot-steered tandem rollers, BOMAG is also announcing an improved version of the popular ASPHALT MANAGER, the ASPHALT MANAGER II. This system, which leads in global automatic compaction control, now uses a new target value for the vibration module, giving better control and even better compaction quality.

System operation is simplified with a new menu guide. The basic principle however remains the same: the stiffness module is calculated in MN/m², the BOMAG EVIB value. This value comes from the interaction between vibrating drum and soil response force. It is calculated using a method developed by BOMAG. The EVIB value is used to assist the roller driver in limiting the number of passes to the minimum required to meet the specification. The roller driver can track compaction progress and (after calibrating with e.g. a nuclear probe) he can input the target value for completed compaction.

More efficient control and better quality
With this new target value (also called "active amplitude management", BOMAG is setting new standards in intelligent compaction. Trials on dozens of sites both at home and abroad have led to further improvements in the algorithm for automatic stiffness-related amplitude control. Now EVIB value is measured and calculated more sensitively, making it easier for the roller driver to track compaction results. Depending on site conditions, the improved system optimises compaction performance and surface quality. Intelligent compaction allows optimum use of maximum amplitude with no drum bounce, surface irregularities, or aggregate crushing.

With the new ASPHALT MANAGER II, the roller driver is now supported by his own "Compaction Manager" to help reduce performance risks on-site. How does this work?
In automatic mode the manager works individually on the selected asphalt layer. This includes automatically limiting the amplitude on thin layers. Amplitude is reduced when compaction resistance is too high (eg towards the end of compaction) or when the material is too cold. Efficient management helps the driver optimise compaction especially in the hot initial phase. The new AM II is a major step forward in terms of surface quality assurance on asphalt.

Economic and efficient compaction
In addition to improving compaction quality, "active amplitude management" also reduces the number of passes. On large-scale sites in particular this means the overall number of rollers can be reduced and rollers equipped with the system enjoy higher utilisation . In contrast, oscillating drums/machines are less flexible in endeavoring to producing the same compaction efficiency.

Reproducibility of the EVIB value
Efficient control of amplitude also improves the accuracy of the stiffness module EVIB (MN/m²) and thus its reproducibility. Trials have shown that unwanted subsurface influences can be minimised by rapid adjustment of the compaction and measuring depth on the layer being compacted. This prevents misinterpretation of EVIB results due to weakness in the subsurface thus achieving a better correlation of EVIB to density.

Operator controls as they should be - one click does it all
BOMAG ASPHALT MANAGER II is fitted as standard with an operating and display unit. This is where the user selects either manual or automatic mode.
In automatic mode, the system controls the vibrator in combination with the target value control. The operator selects the layer from a well organised menu with just one click. This is all that’s needed in basic mode to set the target value.

Now the driver can benefit from all the advantages of the leading system in intelligent compaction.

Automatic Mode

Manual Mode
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