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BOMAG at the bauma 2016: Outdoor stand FS. 1009
University of St. Gallen confirms BOMAG's global market leadership

BOMAG is global leader in the market segment "Machines for asphalt and soil compaction". The University of St. Gallen has registered the company in the "global leader index for Germany, Austria and Switzerland" in accordance with objective and transparent selection processes.

Boppard, 11.04.2016: What defines global leadership within a market segment? The HBM School for Entrepreneurs at the University of St. Gallen determined scientific criteria for this purpose. The result is the new global leader index (, which was developed under the academic supervision of Prof. Dr. Christoph Müller. He is an honorary professor for business administration at the University of St. Gallen, and deals with SMEs among other subjects. The global leader index includes companies from the DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) region. BOMAG is listed in the index as a true global leader in the market segment "Machines for asphalt and soil compaction".

The index makes the actual hidden champions visible: They are usually globally active, successful companies that, like BOMAG, are leaders in a particular technology.

BOMAG meets all the criteria of the global leader index for companies in the DACH area. Among others, these include global market share: BOMAG is active in 5 continents, the index calls for at least 3. With an annual turnover of 550 million euros (2013), BOMAG also fulfils the sales minimum of 50 million euros. And, at 87 %, the share of exports and foreign sales is over the required 50 %. BOMAG is number 1 in the relevant global market segment.

BOMAG has its headquarters in Boppard and belongs to the international Fayat group of companies based in France. The global market leader index therefore lists BOMAG in the subgroup "world market leader with international owners". This subgroup has the additional criterion of an ownership share of over 50 % outside the DACH region.
  BOMAG was awarded for “Global market leadership” in the market segment “Machines for asphalt and soil compaction” by the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.
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