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Good prospects for recycling and soil stabilisation

Boppard, 19.01.2016: BOMAG taps into new fields of application for soil milling with the more compact and powerful MPH 364.

BOMAG has extended its range of products with the addition of a new recycler and soil stabilizer. The new construction machine has an operating weight of 17 t and a working width of 2,005 mm. At the moment, there is no comparable machine available for this application anywhere in the world in this weight category. Its compact design and powerful 360 HP engine make the MPH 364 an excellent choice for small projects, such as car parks, minor roads and paths.

The powerful rear-mounted milling rotor allows the machine to perform at its best especially in places where manoeuvrability counts, e.g. on corners and around street lights, manhole covers and other obstacles. Thanks to its well thought-out design, the driver not only has a good view of the relevant work areas around the machine, but is also able to negotiate them with great precision. However, the MPH 364 wasn't just designed for built-up areas; it also performs impressively in larger road construction projects on account of equipment that is usually only found as standard in larger machines, e.g. water spray system. This makes the MPH 364 an attractive alternative even for smaller budgets.

The advantage is its simplicity

The MPH 364 is setting standards in terms of ergonomics and ease of operation. The driver's seat turns easily providing the driver with an optimal view towards both the front and the rotor. A practical guidance system allows the driver to guide the machine accurately along the working edge.

Operating controls are clearly arranged and focussed on the essentials. Clearly described functions enable intuitive handling of all instruments and facilitate familiarisation. In addition to the hydraulic steering, there is a travel lever and separate wheel brakes for the rear axle providing the machine with effective precision steering.

The unique MPH 364 design speeds up road construction; expensive, time-consuming reworking is unnecessary which means considerably lower costs.

To stabilise soil, lime, fly ash or cement is mixed into the prevalent material to improve the soil or stabilise the subsoils in embankments. When used for recycling, the MPH 364 also rips up asphalt pavements, including the bearing course, crushes the material and mixes in new binder. This extends the machine's range of application, therefore increasing its profitability.

Easy to view inside, even easier to maintain

To enable maintenance work to be performed fast, the BOMAG development team has paid particular attention to the design in terms of making sure that all maintenance openings are not only generously dimensioned, but also easy to access, e.g. to check the oil level, or clean the air filter.
The BOMAG MPH 364 driver's seat turns to allow the machine operator a perfect view of the relevant work areas. The ...

Clearly arranged and pared back to the essentials, the operating controls of the MPH 364 allow the machine operator to ...

The travel lever and separate wheel brakes for the rear axle enable both high precision and intuitive course adjustment.
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