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BOMAG at bauma 2016: Open-air area FS 1009
Five new cold planer models

Boppard, 19.01.2016: On the occasion of bauma 2016 in Munich, BOMAG is expanding its machine portfolio in the area of cold planers with five more models. In total this year, BOMAG is presenting the largest cold planer portfolio since the product division was introduced. There will be a surprise for exhibition visitors on the subject of "transport without a special permit" for cold planers up to 38 tonnes.

With the expansion of the compact class product range with rear loading conveyor, BOMAG now offers four cold milling models with three or four wheels and 500 mm or 600 mm maximum working width. The 1 m class has been expanded by the BM 1000/35, BM 1200/35 and the BM 1300/35 with tail rotor cold planers, and three other models with a middle rotor for special applications. Constructed like a large cold planer with a centrally mounted milling drum assembly, this type provides for an operator workstation with an excellent overview of the site. The centrally mounted rotor ensures high performance and running smoothness.

Higher up the range, the BM 2000/60 model in the 600 hp class has been extended by two further models in the 750 hp class. The new BM 2000/75 and BM 2200/75 cold planers are built at the company headquarters in Boppard. They have an engine output of 771 PS (567 kW) at a working width of 2,000 mm or 2,200 mm, and a cutting depth of 350 mm. In addition to their performance, the machines excel with their easy service and ease of use. For example, a small one-cylinder diesel serves as an auxiliary motor for secondary activities such as refilling water tanks, tool replacement and machine cleaning.

An integrated service platform simplifies daily machine checks and provides safe and easy access, and the vibration-insulated seated operating platform ensures focused and comfortable working with the machine.

Particular attention was paid on every cold planer, including the new models, to the development of the milling technology. As a result of the technology employed, the service life of the milling drums and tool-holders can be extended by up to 30% compared to other systems. Furthermore, the quick-change tool-holders on cold planers equipped with the corresponding system are maintenance-free, and cause less cutting resistance during asphalt milling due to their particularly slim design.

The operator's platform promotes focused and comfortable working while seated.

BOMAG is presenting an even wider range of cold planers at bauma 2016. Customers can choose between a working width of ...

The new BM 2000/75 cold planer offers impressive performance including the complete removal of rural roads.
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