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The BOMAG BMF 2500 feeder for greater paving efficiency

BOMAG has added a series of feeders to its paving product range. The new machines are built in industrial cooperation in Germany, and fully supported by BOMAG via the usual processes in the areas of sales, application consulting, service and spare parts. The BMF 2500 feeder produces uniform and constant delivery of the mix to the asphalt paver, which reduces paving times and improves the quality of finished work. The BMF 2500 will be available in three models starting January 2016. At Bauma 2016, the BMF 2500 model will be on display with a medium-length fixed belt.

Boppard, 18/12/2015: On asphalt work constant material feed from the screed and uniform pre-compaction of material are the most important factors for high quality paving. Feeders optimize material delivery by quickly processing the incoming material from the truck and conveying it at a constant rate without contact with the paver.

Outstanding features of the new BOMAG BMF 2500 feeder are its high output and compact design. Theoretical ouput is 4,000 t/h, which means the unit can handle a 27 tonne lorry load of crushed rock, sand or asphalt in only 35 seconds. At the same time the vehicle width of only 2.55 m is narrow enough for transport without special permit. EcoMode reduces the engine speed depending on the job requirement and so saves fuel.

The conveyor belt: Processing safety with minimal segregation.

The conveyor belt on the BOMAG BMF 2500 feeder has a width of 1.2 m and gives optimum material flow with minimal segregation. In addition, the rubber belt is mounted on metal struts. These prevent the belt from stretching with hot asphalt. Re-tensioning the belt is no longer necessary and material feeding becomes safer. The BMF 2500 has a large material hopper with individually controllable wings for quick discharge and slewing bumper rollers to safely dock the supply truck.

Slewable: Additional offset conveyor belt

The base model BMF 2500 feeder can be supplemented with a slewable belt. The slewing belt allows lateral feeding. This way, one machine can supply two pavers. The offset belt can be readily mounted and removed. When not needed, the belt can be quickly removed and unnecessary wear is avoided.

Optimum operation and all-round visibility

Distance sensors allow the BMF 2500 to be operated fully automatically. Automatic steering using a guide wire is available as an option. The machine stays on course while the operator concentrates on the delivery truck. The seat can be swivelled out by 90 degrees which allows clear visibility to the front and back. A second station for an operator at ground level is located on the side wall. A weather proofed laptop docking station is also provided.

Good things come in threes

The Bomag BMF 2500 feeder is available in three versions. BMF 2500 S is the base model. This unit can feed all pavers and can be supplemented with a slewable offset belt. The BMF 2500 S Offset, on the other hand, offers the slewable offset conveyor belt as standard. The BMF 2500 M has a longer, height-adjustable conveyor belt. This model can feed high additional paver hoppers.
To allow the hopper to be emptied quickly, the wings on the BMF 2500 can be controlled individually. The front wings are hydraulically ...

To allow the hopper to be emptied quickly, the wings on the BMF 2500 can be controlled individually. The front wings are hydraulically ...

Using the slewing offset conveyor belt, the BMF 2500 can feed two asphalt pavers alternately. The belt can be fitted on site as ...

The driver’s seat on the BMF 2500 can be swivelled out by 90 degrees and provides the machine operator with an clear view of the ...
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