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Successful product demonstration – new vibratory plates with ECONOMIZER for Gramenz Neubau GmbH

10/06/2015, Boppard: When challenging projects meet the highest quality requirements efficient solutions are the key. After a successful demonstration, the managers of Gramenz Neubau GmbH, Wiesbaden, decided in favour of BOMAG. In fact, the Boppard construction equipment manufacturer delivered nine reversible vibratory plates with the optional ECONOMIZER measuring system to the new owners in Wiesbaden on 6 May, 2015. These are the first BOMAG light equipment models to be used by Gramenz.

The Gramenz Group is one of the largest horticultural and landscaping enterprises in Hesse and comprises three businesses: Neubau, Hausgarten, and Grün Hoch 2. The new BOMAG machines, three BPR 60/65 D reversible vibratory plates and six BPR 70/07 D reversible vibratory plates, will be used by Gramenz Neubau. Gramenz was founded in 1957 and has around 140 employees. Gramenz Neubau specialises in large-scale landscaping projects on behalf of general contractors and public authorities.

The Managing Directors, Jürgen Mandel and Martin Weng, state that one of the reasons for their decision to purchase BOMAG is that projects could be carried out even more quickly and cheaply with the ECONOMIZER. "Thanks to this technology, we continually have an overview of compaction progress and are able to identify weak spots early on, saving us a lot of time and effort spent on reworking." ECONOMIZER, the optional measuring system, and as of this year now available for multi-purpose compactors, makes soil and asphalt compaction transparent. Compaction progress is permanently measured and shown on the display, allowing the driver to see in good time when optimum compaction has been achieved.

The new BOMAG machines have been painted in the company green to match the other Gramenz Group equipment.
(from left to right) Ralf Eisenhauer (BOMAG Regional Sales Manager), Jürgen Mandel (Managing Director of Gramenz Neubau GmbH) ...
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