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Premiere of cold planer generation BM 2000/75

This year again BOMAG is featuring innovative technology at INTERMAT 2015 which takes place in Paris in April. At booth 5a D 137 the new BM 2000/75 2 metre cold planer is guaranteed to draw special attention from the industry at large. At 36 tonnes operating weight, this is the first cold planer series of this type which has been developed and manufactured completely at BOMAG headquarters in Boppard.

750 hp and milling widths of 2,000 mm respectively 2,200 mm mean that major construction sites such as motorways and airports will be typical application areas for the BM 2000/75. Thanks to the variable milling range - Powerdrum, standard and fine milling rotor – this model can work flexibly on many other applications. The machine's power is efficiently transferred to the milling drum by adjustable milling and travel speeds. The design of the milling drum, the precisely positioned tool holder system and the cutting tools ensure the maximum transfer of forces into the asphalt for efficient use of the machine’s capability. The BMS 15 exchange holder system produces outstanding rotational behaviour of the cutting tool and low wear and high output since the cutting tools can be quickly replaced by knocking out from behind. This reduces downtime and increases the planer’s productivity. The integrated dust extraction system filters the fine dust by means of a vacuum in the milling box. Thanks to the air line's enlarged cross-section, the system runs with a reduced suction speed which results in quiet and maintenance-free operation. Extended crawler tracks improve traction and stability. The operators also enjoy comfortable seating when working, as with our BM 500, BM 600 and BM 1000 cold planers. The completely vibration insulated operator's stand is designed so that the driver can sit and work without tiring and always has an optimum view of the milling edge. The swivel seat and an easy-to-learn operating concept aid productive and effortless working. Longevity and low maintenance are the two essential design principles of our new cold planers. Service components are easily accessible and, due to their location, can be maintained quickly and simply. This applies to the tanks, the service points in the engine compartment and work on the milling drum. As with all other cold planers from BOMAG, the hydraulically folding loading belt is a standard on the new BM 2000/75.

The BOMAG BM 2000/75 cold planer will at first available for all European markets and worldwide by the end of the year.
Innovation at INTERMAT 2015: This year again BOMAG will launch a new cold planer: model BM 2000/75. The BM 2000/75 cold planer ...

Innovation at INTERMAT 2015: This year again BOMAG will launch a new cold planer: model BM 2000/75. The BM 2000/75 cold planer ...
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