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New articulated pneumatic tyred rollers in the 4.5 – 11 tonne class

Construction equipment manufacturer BOMAG is going to INTERMAT 2015 in Paris in April (hall 5a, booth number D 137) with a newly designed generation of pneumatic tyred rollers in the performance class 4.5 to 11 tonnes. The new models BW 11 RH-5 unite traditional compaction with modern hydrostatic drive making them ideal for use in earthworks and asphalt construction, compacting stabilised soil layers, and rolling chippings on surface dressing.

Articulated steering and hydrostatic drive

Unlike larger and heavier pneumatic tyred rollers these new models are articulated. The central positioning of the articulated joint allows the four rear wheels to roll in the gaps between the five front wheels even when driving round bends. The result is perfect compaction and smooth and even surface quality. Also the roller excels on sites where space is limited due to its turning radius of just 2.70 metres. The fully hydrostatically driven BW 11 RH-5s feature three travel ranges: in first gear the drive allows maximum gradeability; second gear can be used universally for different applications; third gear with high speeds of up to 25 km/h is suited to large area outputs. The hydrostatic drive gives extremely sensitive drive control and smooth reversing.

A safe and comfortable workplace

Ease of operation was once again at the forefront of the BOMAG design. The new operator's platform with its modern ROPS cab is adopted from the latest generation of single drum rollers and can also be equipped with air conditioning. The driver can readily reach the central steering wheel and dashboard from the swivel seat for the best overview of the site. To increase stability the ballast compartments have been lowered significantly, and likewise the machine centre of gravity. In addition to the hydrostatic braking function, these models are equipped with a dynamic service brake.

Fast, flexible maintenance

The tier 4 final Kubota engine with diesel particulate filter and the hydraulic system are easily accessible from all sides – all maintenance and control points can be conveniently reached from ground level. As all machine joints are maintenance-free, daily or weekly lubrication is no longer necessary. This means potential long term damage caused by insufficient lubrication is now a thing of the past.

The new generation of BW RH-5 pneumatic tyred rollers is available in Europe and the North American market from January 2015; for all other markets, at the end of the year.
The three travel ranges on the hydrostatic drive of the new BW 11 RH-5 pneumatic tyred rollers offer high gradeability and maximum ...

The three travel ranges on the hydrostatic drive of the new BW 11 RH-5 pneumatic tyred rollers offer high gradeability and maximum ...

The tier 4 final Kubota engine and all hydraulics are easily accessible from ground level allowing quick and easy maintenance.

Unlike traditional pneumatic tyred rollers in the heavy performance class, these light BW 11 RH-5 pneumatic tyred rollers feature ...
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