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Premières from BOMAG:
The new BF 600-2 and BF 700-2 pavers

At this year’s BOMAG Asphalt Days which take place over several days in the first week of September, BOMAG presents its new BF 600-2 and BF 700-2 paver generation. These ergonomic, fuel-saving finishers equipped with Tier 4 engines allow contractors to invest with confidence until 2020. At this exclusive presentation BOMAG reveals its fast growing position as a reliable choice on the market in the 17-20 t class.

ECOMODE reduces fuel consumption
Available as a highly manoeuvrable wheel version or in the high-traction version with tracks, the BOMAG BF 600 (116 kW, 158 HP) and BF 700 (129 kW, 175 HP) with a displacement of 5.1 litres have ample power reserves and at the same time feature reduced noise and exhaust emissions. The hydraulically controlled fan automatically adapts the cooling power to the demand. In three working circuits, pumps regulate the flow of oil depending on the power needed. During working intervals and also in heat-up time, the connection between the controlled hydraulics and engine speed reduces fuel consumption significantly.

Heating plates: included under the machine warranty
As standard the screeds are heated with the MAGMALIFE system, where the heating elements are cast in an aluminium block, making them highly robust and durable. With optimised heat transfer, MAGMALIFE produces uniform heat distribution over the levelling plates and guarantees reduced heat-up times of only 20-30 minutes – effective savings of up to 25 % compared to conventional machines. MAGMALIFE heating elements have been in use on the BOMAG BF 300 finisher for four years now. Even after the routine replacement of the levelling plates after about 2 years, the heating plates can be reinstalled and re-used, unlike the heating rods common elsewhere on the market. That is why BOMAG offers its customers an special warranty: the MAGMALIFE aluminium heating plates are covered within the two-year warranty package for all BOMAG finishers,.

Twice as fast to install
The S 500 or S 600 screeds, which are compatible with the BF 600 and BF 700 finishers, give an extension of up to 9 m, thanks to the quick attachment system. This screed extension with mechanical attachment parts can be mounted using quick fit sliding couplings without any complicated braces. The system allows a set-up in half the time needed to mount similar attachment systems.

Perfect pre-compaction
BOMAG has been the leading market expert for compaction technology for more than 50 years and this is reflected in the BOMAG high performance screeds. Ample levelling plate depths and a total weight of 3,900 kg for the S 500 basic screed ensure, using tampers and vibration units, that all key asphalt quality criteria are met: the highest surface quality, best pre-compaction and perfect evenness.

Comfort and overview on the operator platform
Comfort, ergonomics and handling were the focus of our design engineers when developing this latest finisher generation. The operator platforms on the BF 600 and BF 700 feature the patented BOMAG SIDEVIEW system, in which the seat and operating console are a single unit which can be adjusted in a variety of ways. The control stand can be extended sideways for a maximum overhang of 60 cm. In contrast to conventional road finishers, the roof always protects the operator from the weather. It also ensures the operator has the best view of the mat edges, the hopper, the auger and the screed. When unloading the truck, the SIDEVIEW system gives excellent visual contact to the truck driver and optimum coordination to avoid errors.

Easy operation
Additional operating comfort is provided by the operating console which is designed with practically arranged switches suited for construction site conditions. Each individual function can be directly selected via a switch. There is no need to scroll through sub menus, enabling even inexperienced drivers to operate the finisher after just a short briefing.

Easy material transfer
For smooth paving, BOMAG has also attached adjustable bumper rollers to these finishers, which allow shock-free “docking” of the truck. The bumper rollers are controlled hydraulically from the control stand and can be adjusted to different truck lengths. They reduce the transport length and the shock absorbers and integrated rocker ensure smooth material transfer.

Fast and reliable: that’s BOMAG service
As with all BOMAG products, customers can rely on fast, reliable and competent service with this new finisher generation. With a worldwide sales and service network in more than 180 countries, BOMAG guarantees shortest response times and high availability of original spare parts.
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