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BOMAG articulated tandem rollers:
The new 5th generation with three compaction systems

The BOMAG Asphalt Days 2013, being held at the main plant in Boppard at the beginning of September, BOMAG will also mark other machine premières. The company will present the new 5th generation articulated tandem rollers in the 10-11 t class as the new BW 161 ADO, BW 161 AD-5 and BW 190 models. With these 5th generation tandems BOMAG becomes the only manufacturer on the market offering machines that use all three compaction systems - double vibration, oscillation and ASPHALT MANAGER 2.

Select from three compaction systems
Double vibration is the classic technical solution with two amplitudes for compacting thick or thin layers. The second exciter system featuring TanGO BOMAG-oscillation is particularly suited for use on bridge structures and close to buildings, as it produces less vibration, and yet compacts efficiently. ASPHALT MANAGER 2 is also available as a third choice for the latest generation of articulated tandem rollers. The system is the ultimate combination of measuring technology and compaction control. The measuring technology determines the Evib value which acts both as a guide to the driver as well as automatically controlling the machine. Unnecessary passes which tend to offer a false sense of security are thus prevented - only the compaction needed is applied. The result is top quality in terms of texture and evenness, and savings in time and money due to the optimum number of passes.

ECOMODE for reduced fuel consumption
"Economy" was at the top of BOMAG engineers' specifications during the development of these 5th generation articulated tandem rollers and the proven ECOMODE power control system provides for minimum fuel consumption. The entire hydraulic system is demand-led; for example, the fan automatically adjusts the cooling capacity to demand, achieving 30% less diesel consumption than conventional machines in the same performance class without ECOMODE. Proven Kubota engines mean the machines are both economical and powerful. Thanks to the exhaust gas standard stage 3 B /EPA Tier 4i, the engines meet stricter tendering rules and emission limits; this makes the latest generation the perfect choice for construction projects where diesel particle filters are required, e.g. in tunnel construction or inner-city areas.

Easy to maintain and service
The new generation of tandem rollers is also especially impressive when it comes to maintenance. All service points are easy to access thanks to the large engine bonnet at the back of the machine. Lubricating points are eliminated on the new machines - if they do not exist, they cannot be forgotten and damage will be prevented.

Comfort and overview for the driver
BOMAG has also optimised the 5th generation for the driver. The roomy, spacious high-comfort cab with clearly arranged dashboard will quickly impress any operator. Not only does it offer the roller operator ample room and storage space, but also an excellent all-round view of what is happening on any busy site - a key factor in terms of safety. The machine is operated intuitively, regardless of local language, which means the roller operator can operate the machine easily after just a short induction.
The latest 5th generation BOMAG tandem rollers with TanGO
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