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BOMAG in the Tyrol:
Asphalt paving with the BOMAG BF 800 C

From the beginning of April to the end of May, the STRABAG Brixlegg branch carried out surface renovation on the Inntal motoray A12 in Tyrol, Austria, in a 10 week large-scale project. The job prepared an important transit route to the south for holiday traffic. On the 5.5 km stretch between Kundl and Radfeld, the engineers from Tyrol again used a BOMAG BF 800 C paver. After completion of the project site manager Dipl. Ing. Christoph Unterrainer confirmed that the results showed he had chosen the right paver.

As a transit route, the Inntal motorway has to withstand heavy traffic and high stresses. From the beginning of the holidays the traffic moves down this route from the north to Southern European holiday destinations so STRABAG needed to get the project finished as quickly and efficiently as possible. In his choice of machines paving manager Michael Hanser relied on experience. “We had already used a BF 800 on a 3.5 km project on the A12 in 2012. We were very pleased with the paver and the paving result. So it was clear to me that were going to work with a BF 800 again,” said Hanser explaining his choice of the BF 800 C road paver with the S 500 screed and 6.5 m extensions. “Apart from that,” added site manager Christoph Unterrainer, “we also used several BOMAG rollers for the asphalt compaction, because we knew they deliver excellent and reliable results. In combination with the paver, the overall results have really impressed us, especially in terms of mat evenness.”

Outstanding evenness
With an amply dimensioned levelling plate made of highly wear-resistant steel and an optimum weight distribution, the high performance screed on the BF 800 C creates a uniform surface structure and evenness - without ripples or depressions. “We could compare the paving results with those on the site last year, and the logic for us was to use the BF 800 C again on the new project”, explains Hanser.

Easy operation
For 12 hours a day and 6 days per week, the user-friendliness of the paver was a decisive factor for the paving team. Under difficult conditions and high pressure situations, the BF 800 C impressed with its easy operation, comfort and ergonomic features, to which every new operator adapts easily. “Our work is only efficient if our plant is used well and our teams operate safely and with confidence. This BOMAG paver is extremely well designed - the paving team particularly liked the clear layout, which, of course, made their work easier”, said Hanser.

Compaction and evenness
On site in Tyrol the paver laid approx. 1,500 tons of chip mastic asphalt (SMA 8 S) per day, or 13,200 tons in total for the entire project. The uniformity and compaction levels in the final result were all to specification: “There are studies which demonstrate that drivers judge the quality of a road as good or bad mainly on the basis of its evenness. On a route used as much as this, driving comfort and load bearing capacity are very important to all road users. They require precise compaction and evenness. After completion of this project, we found that both were completely to specification. We achieved this result using the BOMAG finisher - and to me, this is what counts in the end”, says Christoph Unterrainer.
Road works in the holiday region of Tyrol: the BF 800 C paver with S 500 screed and 6.5 m extensions working with BOMAG ...

Extra-long levelling plates on the S 500 screed give optimum surface evenness.

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