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BOMAG rock drum –
Specified aggregate sizes are achieved with rock material

Earthworks always mean "action" – large, powerful machines in use on wide open spaces, shifting thousands of cubic metres of earth and rock to create the perfect base. To crush and compact rock, industry specialists choose heavy BOMAG single drum rollers with rock crushing drums - like Bantle, a company from Bösingen and current contractor for the B 462 Dunningen bypass in the Rottweil district. For this job, a BW 226 single drum roller with rock crushing drum and VARIOCONTROL is being used.

The site is 6.4 km long overall. Altogether, approximately 280,000 m³ of soil will be moved; around 70,000 m³ of this material is loamy shell limestone with a compressive strength of over 120 MPa. According to DIN 18300, these materials are classified as light to heavy, loose rock and comparable types of soil (soil class 6 and 7). Very often, large blocks have to be handled on the site. For crushing and compacting, Bantle chose the 26 t BOMAG BW 226 single drum roller equipped with a rock crushing drum and VARIOCONTROL technology. The machine breaks and loosens the shell limestone preparing it perfectly for the crawler-mounted loader to pick up the broken stones with ease - a clear advantage for the contractor in terms of time and costs.

Smart drum design
The design and special geometry of the rock drum with closed edges means there are no gaps lengthwise under the drum. In contrast to other drums, the material being crushed is not "passed on", but is picked up and broken on the first pass. Using BOMAG VARIOCONTROL, the drum hits the stone vertically thereby applying maximum splitting power. Unlike other systems with circular exciters, where the drum only brushes over the material being broken due to the circular motion, the unique BOMAG VARIOCONTROL technology crushes with maximum vertical force.

Specified aggregate sizes are achieved
Another advantage is the achievable aggregate size: while the maximum possible size is restricted with other drums due to the spacing of the crushing features, the BOMAG rock crushing drum can crush the rock to any size by increasing the number of passes. What's more, the BOMAG rock crushing drum has a clever solution to yet another challenge: every roller operator knows the bow-wave problem well - depending on soil type and travel direction the material is pushed in front of the drum. The BOMAG VARIOCONTROL successfully counters this. Due to the automatic adjustment of the vibration direction to the travel direction, the material is always drawn under the drum. This also results in improved machine traction and when stationary automatically leads to minimum level amplitude so that the roller is prevented from becoming stuck.

Effective use and cost benefits
The contractor can enjoy major financial benefits by using RC single drum rollers - not least because conveying machinery needed to feed a crusher and load trucks is no longer required.

BOMAG single drum rollers with rock drum achieve the specified aggregate size by increasing the number of passes.

Preparatory work for the crawler-mounted loader: the BOMAG BW 226 single drum roller with rock drum crushing soil class 6 and 7 ...
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