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BOMAG at bauma 2013:
TanGO at BOMAG: tandem rollers with tangential oscillation

At bauma 2013 in Munich BOMAG will be presenting its BW 161 ADO-4 tandem roller model for the first time with tangential oscillation (on stand F 1009). BOMAG has reassessed many details of the well established exciter system in terms of both technical and cost-effective aspects, and optimised it in key areas. BOMAG oscillation makes use of the physical laws of vibration generation to best effect. The careful coordination of exciter system to drum weight ratios is the basis for BOMAG tangential oscillation. The result is clearly improved power for vibration generation and perfectly matched compaction parameters.

The exciter system with tangential oscillation is particularly suitable for use on bridge structures and close to buildings, where it hardly produces vibrations, and yet compacts efficiently. Tangential oscillation is always directed horizontally, maintaining continuous ground contact due to the constant transfer of gravity. Users are often able to see the increased efficiency in compaction due to tangential oscillation immediately after a few roller passes. Furthermore, the interplay of tangential oscillation and vibration in the front drum results in the exciter systems interacting in a highly beneficial way. Exciter systems by BOMAG have a big practical advantage with mixes that are difficult to compact by vibration alone, or which have high shearing strength.

BOMAG modular system: the universal solution for all heavy tandem rollers
The new BOMAG exciter system TanGO is located in the rear drum of tandem rollers; it can be combined with a vibrating drum at the front depending on the application. The system has a modular structure which means all heavy tandem rollers can be equipped with it depending on drum width and diameter. BOMAG will begin offering rollers with tangential oscillation in the 10 t class with the roller type BW 161 ADO-4; however, it is also planning introductions into other weight classes. With the new tangential oscillation, BOMAG is once again presenting compaction technology which is completely maintenance-free. Highly wear resistant drums with proven technology and components from the BOMAG modular system offer contractors a sound investment.

BOMAG TanGO oscillation at bauma
At bauma in Munich, BOMAG will be presenting its tandem roller BW 161 ADO-4 with new BOMAG oscillation. At stand F 1009, customers and visitors will be invited to learn more about the different options for combining oscillation and vibration.
The new BOMAG tangential oscillation logo.

BOMAG's new way of compacting: vibration and tangential oscillation combined.

Tangential oscillation in detail.
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