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BOMAG at bauma 2013:
BOMAG TELEMATIC POWER with error code transmission and automatic data transfer to customer software

BOMAG has equipped its TELEMATIC POWER fleet management system with new, innovative functions for bauma 2013 in Munich. BOMAG TELEMATIC POWER now automatically transfers the data results on fuel consumption and machine capacity utilisation to the user's in-company software system to reduce time, effort and costs. The new integrated error code transmission system also provides contractors and rental firms with optimised servicing and maintenance management for all fleets.

BOMAG TELEMATIC POWER networks all machines online connecting them to a central server. The fleet management system checks position, fuel consumption and machine utilisation; all data can be directly viewed by the user accessing the server. With this system the contractor can see at a glance when and how long it takes for fuel to be used and, therefore, how refuelling the machines can be managed more efficiently.

Data transfer straight to the company software program
Previously, data was exclusively retrieved via the Internet. In contrast, the new version of the BOMAG TELEMATIC POWER now transmits the collected data automatically to the respective company and rental firm's accounting and capture software. With the aid of an interface it has now become even easier for customers to analyse and save all information about fuel consumption or operating hours in the company software system – be it SAP, or ERP, etc. Above all, TELEMATIC POWER provides simplified fleet management from the control panel. The required data goes exactly to where it can be processed - complicated data transfer from one software system to another is no longer necessary. As the in-house software is used for processing, it is easy and straightforward for any employee to handle the supplied data.

TELEMATIC for all machines
Also, being an independent system BOMAG TELEMATIC is not only compatible with BOMAG machines, but also with machines from other manufacturers. So regardless of which machine is used, all data can be transferred to the contactor or rental firm's software system via TELEMATIC. In turn this provides a uniform, quick and clear overall statement of accounts. Data can still be retrieved via the Internet and therefore anywhere in the world as required. Obviously, both methods of data transmission meet all data protection requirements; data can only be retrieved with a password.

Prevention with error code analysis
An interesting feature from a service point of view is the new engine error code transmission system. This TELEMATIC POWER development means engine problems can be localised and analysed using remote diagnostics. If required, error messages can alert users by e-mail. So with the overall TELEMATIC concept, we are offering a system which creates more transparency and plays a preventative role in maintenance management.

Fleet management system for all requirements
BOMAG TELEMATIC POWER is available for all European countries, North America, South America, Australia, Russia, South Africa and Turkey. BOMAG TELEMATIC is a sound investment providing an excellent, easy to use service system for every fleet. BOMAG TELEMATIC not only helps to coordinate preventative maintenance work more efficiently, it also provides safety and transparency that benefits the whole fleet.

BOMAG service hands-on
BOMAG will present the advantages and application options available on TELEMATIC at bauma 2013 in the BOMAG service pavilion, stand F 1009. We will be there to answer any questions visitors may have about BOMAG service and BOMAG original parts.

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