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EBL – Ehrhardt + BOMAG Logistics
BOMAG and Ehrhardt + Partner open joint logistics centre

Boppard, 27/09/2012 At last, warehousing can begin: right on time for the 25th anniversary celebration of Ehrhardt + Partner (E+P), the new EBL – Ehrhardt + BOMAG Logistics GmbH logistics centre has opened in Boppard-Buchholz. A joint BOMAG and E+P venture, this 23 m high and 5,500 m² innovation centre will start operations from October 2012, having only taken around a year to construct.

Around 180 customers, journalists, politicians and business representatives accepted the invitation to the official opening of the state-of-the-art EBL logistics centre. "The E+P group has always expressed a wish to run its own logistics centre," according to Marco Ehrhardt, CEO of Ehrhardt + Partner and EBL, in his opening speech. "This state-of-the-art logistics centre gives us the opportunity of testing our products straightaway in practice. In this way, we can guarantee our customers top quality and reliability." E+P is a global leader when in warehouse management, and especially software systems. Founded in 1987, this specialist warehousing company now employs over 200 people at six sites worldwide, with 180 at the company headquarters in Boppard-Buchholz, in close proximity to BOMAG. "To BOMAG service is one of the key issues of the future. A company which can react reliably, quickly and flexibly will succeed against its competition. This is why we're certain that our new, high-tech logistics centre will stand us in good stead," says Jörg Unger, President of BOMAG. "Furthermore, this joint EBL venture is a good example of what BOMAG is striving to achieve - optimising processes beyond the boundaries of the company and creating true added value for our suppliers and customers."

Following the opening speeches by the Mayor of Boppard, Dr. Walter Bersch, and the Mayor of Emmelshausen, Peter Unkel, a key was symbolically handed over to Management to mark the official opening of the EBL. The programme was rounded off with a finale of aerial acrobatics and foot juggling. At the end, guests saw for themselves how efficient the fully automated warehouse is in live demonstrations. Around 30,000 storage spaces are available giving future capacity of up to 50,000 BOMAG original spare parts that come in diverse shapes and sizes. In turn, the warehousing specialist and operator EBL Ehrhardt + Partner will ensure that their storage and management runs like clockwork. Their warehouse management software, the intelligence behind the new Boppard logistics centre, controls and manages all movements in the warehouse. In addition to a pallet warehouse with 11,500 storage spaces, micro-shuttles are being used for the first time in the warehouse for small parts. These convey the boxes to and fro along three aisles at a breathtaking speed and over a difference in height of 22 m. Up to 18,000 containers are stored in the small parts warehouse. In addition, the logistics centre is based on a sustainable concept which aims to reduce energy consumption: the energy released when braking is fed back into the electrical circuits to keep energy consumption to a minimum. However, even with automation in the warehouse, the logistical strings are still pulled by skilled staff in the adjoining, modern administrative section.

With the opening of this logistics centre, EBL has created around 30 new jobs in the region for office staff and specialist staff for warehouse logistics.
BOMAG and Ehrhardt + Partner open joint logistics centre
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