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BOMAG: The ground-breaking ceremony takes place for the most cutting-edge drum factory in the world
The largest single investment in the history of the company

BOMAG, the global market leader in compaction technology, celebrated the ground-breaking ceremony for the start of construction of the most cutting-edge drum factory in the world on 15th June 2012. This signifies a further extension of the main plant in Boppard where manufacturing, assembly and painting of all drums will take place in an area of 12,600 m2. The project requires an investment of around 21.5 million euros and is the largest single investment in the 55 year history of the company.

The new factory build is scheduled to start in July 2012 and the start of production for summer 2013. Completion of the work in 2013 will see current capacity doubled. An independent factory within a factory will be created on an area of 12,600 m2 plus canopies/porches and recreational buildings: a production island where work will be carried out in direct response to specific customer orders using the latest energy saving, efficiency, ergonomics and workplace design technology. This includes, for example, heat recovery systems, innovative production technologies, assembly in clean room conditions and process optimisation.

The current production sites are separated from each other, whereas the new production island will have all areas consolidated under one roof. Storage of materials close to assembly, a reduced need for forklifts, state-of-the-art logistical concepts for material supply, increased use of robots and driverless transport systems, plus a high level of automation will increase the competitiveness of the company over the long-term.

Nevertheless, in spite of this automation, the focus of the new factory is still on people. Production is based on the principle of group work with increased responsibility and freedom to make decisions for individual employees. Short distances between areas will bring materials in close proximity to work and robots will carry out work such as washing or spray-painting the drums. The increasing automation takes pressure off staff but will not lead to any loss of jobs. On the contrary, once the last expansion stage is reached, the new factory will employ 160 staff which is almost double today's number.
The drum – a key component in a BOMAG roller.

Obviously in a good mood: Ralf Junker, Senior Vice President Production, Jörg Unger, President of BOMAG, Dr. Walter Bersch, ...
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